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Roland VAD Series
Roland VAD Series

Roland VAD V-Drums Acoustic Design Series

The most realistic looking and feeling range of V-Drums to date. VAD is for the drummer that needs to stand out on stage.

VAD (V-Drums Acoustic Design) are electronic drum kits that have been specifically designed for drummers that need the more traditional look and feel that you get from an Acoustic Drum Kit. It differs from Roland’s world-renowned TD V-Drums Range, as each VAD kit features wooden drum shells, that match the size and depth of acoustic drums, as well as all-chrome fittings and acoustic drum hardware. The TD Series offer a fitted drum rack and smaller pads, that are potentially more suitable for the home.

If you are a drummer that regularly plays live, creates videos or a tutor that requires the most accurate feeling V-Drums

There are 4 versions in the V-Drums Acoustic Design Series and no matter which one you opt for, each kit offers the more traditional look and mounting style that an Acoustic Drum Kit has.


Roland VAD Series V-Drums Kits:

VAD706 | VAD506 | VAD503 | VAD306

Each VAD Series V-Drums kit comes with an extended warranty when registering your product with Roland Backstage.

Why Choose The VAD Series?

The all-chrome lug fittings and wooden drum shells give the vintage feel of an Acoustic Kit, plus harness the power and versatility of an Electronic Kit. VAD is the perfect synergy between V-Drums technology and the presence of Acoustic Drums.

Whether you opt for the 9-piece VAD706/VAD506, 7-piece VAD503 or the slimline shallow-shell VAD306, all ship with Roland double-braced all-chrome stands/clamps. The hardware is incredibly sturdy, staying true to Roland’s reputation of offering premium and reliable products that are ready for the road.

Included Roland Drum Hardware:
DBS-10 | DCS-10 | Module Mount

To ensure you have everything you need for your VAD Series V-Drums, check out our bundle options. Each Bundle comes with a Drum Throne, Snare Stand, Kick Pedal, Hi-Hat Stand, Drum Sticks and Headphones. There are also Bundles that include a Drum Mat, Monitor and cables too!

Roland VAD Series - Powered By V-Drums Modules:
TD-50X | TD-27 | TD-17

The VAD Series is powered by three of Roland’s most popular Drum Modules, each offering the lowest latency on the market, at just 2.6ms.

As well as being the perfect gigging tool, Roland VAD Series also allow drummers to play in any environment stress-free, as each kit can be used with headphones for near-silent practice. This is ideal for drummers that are regularly performing at venues with limiters or sound restrictions, as the acoustic volume of hitting the pads is exponentially quieter than playing an Acoustic Drum Kit. The Module included with each VAD Kit is also a much more convenient way to record. Rather than needing a dedicated soundproof room in a studio, geared up with hundreds of microphones and messy cables, V-Drums users can record with just one USB cable (sold separately). You can even use your own samples and customised drum sounds live, all transportable within the module itself!

If you would like to jam/rehearse with other musicians, hear yourself in live situations or perform at small gigs, pair your VAD kit with a Roland Drum Monitor.

For a V-Drums kit that is more compact and mounts onto a convenient drum rack, check out the TD Series.

Roland TD Series

Check out the full Roland V-Drums range by clicking the banner below.

Roland V-Drums

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Roland VAD Series