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Roland Zen-Core

Roland Zen-Core Synthesis System

Designed to bring musicians together addressing the need to easily collaborate and share ideas, no matter your workflow.

The Roland Zen-Core Synthesizer Technology is an eco-system that unlocks the full potential of not just a single piece of Roland gear, but your entire rig. No matter whether you are using a compatible Roland Synthesizer, Groovebox, Stage Piano, Workstation, Software or even Wind Instrument, you can utilise Zen-Core to share patches, sounds and ideas between devices in the Zen-Core family.

Zen-Core combines cutting edge Virtual Analog Modelling and PCM Synthesis with high-quality DSP effects, all running at 24bit/48KHz resolution with up to 256 note polyphony. Editing of sounds is done with high-resolution controls that offer 1024 steps of adjustment for incredible feel and precision. The powerful system is running on Roland’s own proprietary BMC (Behaviour Modelling Core) chip, which powers each of the Zen-Core products. The BMC chip creates a platform that, not only allows for the sharing of sounds, it also supports the continuous development and expansion across the product range in the future. Selected Zen-Core products can also be expanded, whether it’s a specifically designed bank of sounds or an alternative sound engine/model.

The Zen-Core Family

  • FANTOM - The flagship product in the Zen-Core range, Fantom is a powerful professional synthesizer for stage and studio. It allows you to layer up to Zen-Core 16-tones at once and features Zen-Core expansion technologies including V-Piano, SuperNatural Acoustic instruments, as well as 16 virtual slots for EXZ expansions.
  • JUPITER-X & JUPITER-Xm - These performance synthesizers perfectly showcase the Zen-Core expansion technology Model Banks, with faithful recreations of classic Roland synths Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-101, JX-8P, XV-5080 and RD Piano, as well the standard Zen-Core engine. Users can combine up to 4 tones and 1 drum part at once from a combination of any of the sound engines to create huge synth soundscapes.
  • RD-88 - This compact professional stage piano features SuperNatural Acoustic and Electric Piano expansions plus the standard Zen-Core synth engine. You can combine up to 3 sounds at once and it has space for 2 EXZ expansions available through Roland Cloud.
  • AX-Edge - The eye-catching performance keytar allows you to layer up to 4 Zen-Core tones at once in a single patch.
  • MC-707 - The flagship Roland Groovebox allows you to use up to 8 Zen-Core tones at once in a project.
  • MC-101 - The portable but mighty MC-101 allows you to use up to 4 Zen-Core tones at once in a project.
  • VERSELAB MV-1 - All-in-one song production with authentic Roland sounds and songwriting tools to assist modern music makers at any level, powered by Zen-Core.
  • AE-30 - The flagship in the Aerophone range features Zen-Core SuperNatural Acoustic expansions for ultra-realistic wind instrument tones as well as the standard Zen-Core engine.
  • Zenology & Zenology Pro - Now available through Roland Cloud, the Zenology softsynths bring the power of Zen-Core to your computer as software instruments. Edit and create single Zen-Core tones within your DAW then export into your favourite Zen-Core hardware product to use on stage.

Zen-Core Expansion Technologies

Currently, the following expansion technologies are available in selected Zen-Core products:

  • V-PianoA completely modelled acoustic piano engine, that offers hugely detailed piano sounds, with vast customisation and unlimited polyphony.
  • Model BanksRecreations of classic Roland synthesizers using Analog Behaviour Modelling (ABM) techniques. Model Banks offer exceptionally authentic synthesizer tones with high-resolution control for a true ‘analogue feel’ experience and greater polyphony.
  • SuperNaturalUses a combination of high-resolution PCM samples and behaviour modelling to recreate the sound of acoustic instruments in incredible detail.
  • EXZThese are Zen-Core presentations of Roland’s classic SRX series of PCM expansion boards, covering a broad range of sounds and styles.

Share & Collaborate

Perhaps the most unique feature of Zen-Core is its ability to share content across other Zen-Core compatible instruments. Patches that have been created on one product can then be exported to another, providing it uses the same engine. This means you could begin creating a sound on the MC-707, before transferring it to Zenology Pro within your DAW to use in a project. You could even create an amazing lead sound on the Fantom in your studio and then import it to your AX-Edge for when you’re in the spotlight centre stage, smashing your solo.

Zen-Core & Roland Cloud

Another part of the Zen-Core story is Roland Cloud. Roland Cloud is a portal for downloading additional sound packs and expansion technologies for compatible Zen-Core products, as well as granting access to professional quality software instruments for use on your computer.

For more information on the benefits of Zen-Core, check out our blog.

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Roland Zen-Core