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Sequential Prophet Rev2 Series

The Sequential Prophet Rev2 is an evolution of the immensely popular Prophet '08 - the first synth worthy enough to bear the “Prophet” moniker in decades. Whilst the Rev2 series has a more accessible price than the other Sequential synths, it’s also the most feature-packed and sonically flexible analogue polysynth that they’ve designed so far. Featuring tonnes of modulation options, digital effects and true bi-timbrality, the Prophet Rev2 is a sound designer’s dream.

Powerful Oscillators

Providing the sonic foundation for the Prophet Rev2 are the pair of analogue DCOs (digitally controlled oscillators) per voice. There’s an optional Key Sync mode, which reinitializes the wave when you press a key. This is particularly handy when you want to eliminate phasing from your Unison patches.

An advantage of DCOs is that they’re true analogue oscillators with rock-solid tuning stability, which make them ideal for live use. With the Osc Slop knob, you can quickly dial in some VCO-style tuning instability - all the way from subtle to “I think my synth is broken”. Each voice also includes a Square wave Sub oscillator that’s locked to Osc 1 - perfect for boosting the low-end presence of your sounds.

Most analog synths can pull off PWM (pulse width modulation) of the Square wave - the Prophet Rev2 can alter the “pulse width” of all four of its waveshapes (which includes Sawtooth, Saw & Tri, Triangle and Square) using the Shape Mod knob. You can manually adjust the Shape Mod to explore the wide tonal possibilities of each shape or modulate it using one of the numerous modulation sources for dynamically shifting timbres.

Two Synths In One

Arguably where the Prophet Rev2’s power lies in its bi-timbral capabilities. Within the Rev2, you have two complete synthesizers in one! Each of the Rev2’s 1024 programmes (512 factory & 512 user) contains two Layers - Layer A & B. These layers can be alternated between, stacked on top of each other or split across the keyboard. Setting up splits and stacks is a breeze thanks to the dedicated buttons, which also allow you to copy/paste and swap layers. You can also edit each layer individually or simultaneously.

If you’re a gigging keyboardist that needs access to two disparate sounds at once, the Rev2’s bi-timbrality is an indispensable feature. Plus, each layer has its own stereo output so you can process them individually if you so choose.

Classic Analogue Filters

Bolstering the Prophet Rev2’s warm and punchy character are the Curtis low-pass filters, a classic analogue filter that’s featured in a wide range of iconic synths. This filter features resonant 4-pole (24dB per octave) and 2-pole (12dB per octave) modes. The 4-pole mode can self-oscillate when the Resonance is cranked and the 2-pole provides imparts an Oberheim-esque flavour.

The filter Cutoff frequency can be modulated using Osc 1’s output using the Audio Mod knob. With this one control, you can quickly create harmonically exciting timbres as well as 2-operator FM when the filter is self-oscillating.

Enhanced Mod Matrix

Sequential have upgraded the Prophet Rev2’s Mod Matrix, with 8 assignable slots and a plethora of sources & destinations. Patching in mod routings couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve held down the Source button and turned/pressed/moved your chosen source, all you have to do is hold down the Destination button and repeat. The Prophet Rev2 delivers nigh-on modular levels of flexibility, allowing you to truly take control of your sound.

Lush Stereo Effects

Another upgrade to the Prophet Rev2’s sound engine is the high-quality stereo digital effects per layer. The Rev2 has everything you need to add spacial depth and lush texture to your patches, including modulation (phaser, chorus, ring mod), distortion, a resonant High Pass filter, reverb and two kinds of syncable delay (analogue-style BBD and standard). A plus of the Rev2’s effects is that their parameters can be modulated - allowing you to pull off cool tricks like assigning the delay’s feedback to aftertouch and have it swell in.

Inspiring Performance Tools

The Sequential Rev2 is equipped with inspiring performance features, making it a fantastic performing and composing tool. First up is the polyphonic step sequencer, which lets you record up to 64-step sequences. You can record up to 6 notes per step, add rests/ties and transpose your sequence whilst it’s playing. Each layer can have its own sequence and you can play over the top if there are unused voices. The sequencer features a Gated mode, which can act as a powerful modulation source. In Gated mode, you can create 4 16-step sequences of modulation and each track can have its own length.

Next is the flexible Arpeggiator, which features a variety of play modes, octave ranges, note repeats and relatching. The Arp and Sequencer can run off the Rev2’s internal clock (which has a tap tempo) or an external clock source via MIDI, the trigger input or USB.

Tactile Interface

While it can’t be denied that the Sequential Rev2 is a deep and powerful synth, its knob-laden, tactile interface and crystal-clear OLED display make navigating and manipulating its impressive array of features an effortless experience.

Ready For The Road

Sequential’s Prophet Rev2 is housed within a robust, road-ready metal chassis and features a premium, semi-weighted five-octave Fatar keybed, with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. Despite its wealth of features and sturdy build, the Prophet Rev2 still weighs under 10kg and its compact form factor makes it at home on the stage or in the studio.

Multiple Formats

The 16-voice version of the Sequential Rev2 is the one we’d recommend going for, particularly if you want to get the most from its stack and split functionality. The 8-voice version is available as a more affordable alternative and you can purchase the Expander Kit if you want to upgrade it to the full 16-voices (though it’s better value to buy a 16-voice off the bat).

The Rev2 also comes in both a keyboard-equipped version and a highly portable Desktop format. The Rev2 Desktop retains all the features & functionality of the Keyboard version and condenses it into a module format. The Rev2 Keyboard is a brilliant all-in-one performance solution and features that beautiful Fatar keyboard whilst the Rev2 Desktop is the one to go for if portability is key or if you have a controller you prefer to use.

Cross Compatibility

If you’re a Prophet '08 owner, the waveshape modulation, effects, polyphonic sequencer and doubled voice count definitely make the Rev2 a worthy upgrade. Plus, you can transfer your Prophet '08, Tetra and Mopho x4 presets over to the Rev2. Not only will they sound identical, you can take them to another level with the Rev2’s new features.

Buy a Sequential Rev2 Keyboard or Desktop from GAK today and experience a true analogue powerhouse that’ll never cease to surprise you with its incredible sound.