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Sheeran by Lowden

Sheeran By Lowden

The Sheeran by Lowden range is a collaboration between pop superstar Ed Sheeran and the legendary Northern Irish acoustic guitar luthier, George Lowden. Together they have created an exclusive collection of 8 compact acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars using the best craftsmanship and materials.

High-quality solid tonewood is used for each model - the bodies are made from either Walnut or Indian rosewood and tops made from Sitka Spruce or Cedar. Each guitar also has a mahogany neck with the fretboard and bridge made from durable ebony - all chosen to maximise the overall warmth and resonance of the guitar as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The tonewood is sustainably sourced - it’s carefully selected from naturally felled trees, and new trees are replanted in their place. The natural finish keeps it simple and lets the tonewood grain and colour speak for themselves.

There are two different body shapes - the popular Lowden ‘S’ body shape and the ‘WL’ (wee Lowden) body shape, used by Ed Sheeran himself while recording and at his many gigs, as per his preference for smaller-bodied guitars. These models are perfect for anyone who wants a more compact, portable body size without compromising on sound and quality, as the excellent craftsmanship allows for a rich, warm voice.

Sheeran by Lowden

S Series

S Series models have a Lowden ‘S’ (small) body size, making it comfortable and easy to just pick up and play. These models have a 630mm (24.8”) scale length, and there’s also the option to have a cutaway body (S-03 and S-04) if you want to be able to get to the upper frets easier or just prefer the design. The S-02, S-03, and S-04 have a soundbox bevel that delivers deep, smooth voicing, and an LR Baggs Element VTC undersaddle pickup, which amplifies the natural dynamics of the tonewood with superior warmth and a balanced tone, making these models great for live performers. The S-01 is a stripped-back model without a pickup so you can just grab it and play.

W Series

W Series models have the WL (Wee Lowden) shape, which is based on the first guitar Lowden made for Ed Sheeran, and have a 610mm (24”) scale length, making it extremely comfortable to play and easy to take with you anywhere. Despite the smaller size, the W Series doesn’t compromise on sound-quality thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of George Lowden. The W-02, W-03 and W-04 have the same LR Baggs Element VTC undersaddle pickup, great for anyone who wants the great acoustic sound amplified for gigs, while the W-01 keeps it simple with no pickup.

All Sheeran by Lowden guitars come with a fitted gig bag.

LR Baggs Element VTC undersaddle pickup

All models feature a premium LR Baggs Element VTC undersaddle pickup (aside from the S-01 and W-01).

Typical undersaddle pickups depend on string attack to directly compress the sensors for their sound, which causes the infamous ‘quack’. The LR Baggs Element VTC uses their patented Element to get output from the movement of the soundboard, rejecting string attack to minimise the ‘quack’. It has a flexible film sensor that mirrors the soundboard’s movement as you play, so you get the authentic voice and nuance of the guitar’s sound, while the compact design minimizes its effect on the acoustic properties. The Volume and Tone controls are subtly mounted in the soundhole, making it effortless to adjust your sound.

The Sheeran by Lowden collection is great for anyone whether you’re just starting out or a professional, especially if you want a more compact guitar that still has depth and good projection. For live performers, these models are great if you need high-quality electronics in your guitar to plug into an acoustic amp or PA system. With the combined prestige these guitars have, they are great value for money.

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