Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Vocal Microphone, Brushed Nickel


Product discontinued

Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Vocal Microphone, Brushed Nickel


Product discontinued

Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Vocal Microphone, Brushed Nickel Overview

This version of the KSM8 sports a classy Brushed Nickel finish. It’s also available in a sleek and sophisticated Black.

The Shure KSM8 Dualdyne Vocal Microphone is designed for unparalleled live vocal reproduction and is the world’s first dual-diaphragm dynamic hand-held microphone. This mic has a huge sweet spot that sounds great with any vocal type and features a sophisticated look. If you’re looking for a high-performance microphone that’ll ensure you always sound your best - the KM58 is a fantastic choice!

Innovative Design

The Shure KSM8’s patented cartridge design boasts one ultra-thin active diaphragm and one passive. The result is nigh-on total removal of the KSM8’s proximity effect, improved off-axis rejection and reduced off-axis colouration. Put simply, this means the KSM8 produces a wonderfully natural and consistent sound - regardless of your mic technqiue. This means you can perform knowing your voice will always sound top notch!

Outstanding Sound

The KSM8 also incorporates a revolutionary inverted airflow system, which provides a well-defined cardioid polar pattern and reduces the proximity effect even further. The accurate frequency response allows for neutral mid-and-high frequency reproduction and requires less external processing/EQ than most other stage mics.

Reliable Build-Quality

Aside from its remarkable technical specifications, the KSM8 sports a nicely balanced body that’s comfrotable to hold and a dent-resistant, hardened carbon-steel grille design. Lined with a hydrophobic woven fabric - which provides both exceptional plosive/wind protection and virtually waterproof protection - the KSM8 won’t let you down during those blustery and rainy performances!

This is by far one of the best stage microphones you can buy and it’s great value considering the astounding level of build/sound quality. If you’re looking for a professional-grade live mic that will always do your voice justice, the KSM8 is a fantastic choice.

Overview by Shure

Cardioid dynamic vocal microphone is the first high-end dual-diaphragm dynamic microphone. It features a patented Dualdyne cartridge to combat proximity effect and master off-axis rejection, and a patent-pending Diaphragm Stabilization System.

Where should KSM8 be used?

KSM8 redefines dynamic microphone technology for leading performers and engineers. It virtually eliminates proximity effect and provides unmatched vocal accuracy with minimal EQ and processing and has been designed for use in large, complex sound systems. Providing absolute vocal clarity, KSM8 is suited for production studios, live performance venues and broadcast productions.

Characteristics of the KSM8

KSM8 has an extremely wide sweet spot, due to the design of the Dualdyne element and its ability to control proximity effect. Additionally, the neutral mid/high frequency response means that there is little external processing required, resulting in consistent, natural-sounding audio, regardless of the artist’s mic technique and placement.

How is Unidyne III different than Dualdyne?

The Unidyne III cartridge features a single diaphragm with a pneumatic shock mount. The advanced technology of the Dualdyne cartridge originates in the second diaphragm which has been added. Besides the active diaphragm, a second passive diaphragm has been implemented, which is part of the cartridge’s acoustic network that provides an unattained mastery of proximity effect.