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The Kicker is the worlds first "head to head" bass drum muffler that dampens the front and rear bass drum heads eliminating unwanted frequencies. Kicker gives you better pedal feel by reducing unwanted vibrations improving beater sensitivity.

The Kicker is custom designed for all bass drum diameters and depths. The Kicker is made of special Polyester foam which is much more durable than Polyether foam that is normally used in acoustic applications, and has a special structure that yeilded the best results for the kicker. Kicker is made proportionally for all bass drums.

That means the volumn of air percentage is the same for all bass drums. Its design and material gives a clear sound in low frequencies, while muddy mid and high frequencies are absorbed. The result is powerful and very focused sound. Kicker is extremely light weight so overall weight is not affected. Installation is very easy and requires no adhesives, glue or tape.

The Kicker 2.0 was developed on the basis of countless national and international customer inquiries. With the new Kicker muffler 2.0 the drummer has now the opportunity to use the best known and most widely spread boundary microphone in the world (Shure Beta 91A) in the kick drum. Regarding all other mic models we will soon be able to offer a Kicker mic stand for montage.

The Sonitus Acoustics Kicker 2.0 is supplied with velcro tape, which allows the boundary microphone to be safely and securely attached to the designated area. Velcro tape is ideal for this type of attachment, as through the tiny fibers the vibrations to the microphone are hardly transmitted. Once installed, you must not mount or remove the mic at any construction. On the contrary, it can now be safely transported in the kick drum.