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Squier-Classic Vibe Series

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Squier Classic Vibe Series

Squier Classic Vibe Series

The Squier Classic Vibe Series brings the well-loved vintage style of Fender back with its variety of guitars and bass guitars at a fraction of the cost.

Fender has manufactured some of the most popular electric guitars since the early 1950s, including the iconic Stratocasters, Telecasters, and Jazzmasters. A variety of Bass Guitars is also treasured by many, such as the Precision Bass, Jazz Bazz and the Jaguar Bass. the Squier replicates Fender guitars with additional modern features.

The Squier Classic Vibe Series is the perfect opportunity to acquire the highly longed-for design of the vintage Fender guitars and bass guitars at a cost-effective price point. Its nostalgic appeal and old-school vibe are what draws peoples’ attention. Each guitar and bass offers throwback setups inspired by the 50s, 60s, and 70s Fender designs, including the headstock markings, nickel-plated hardware and slick vintage-tinted gloss neck finishes.

What makes the Squier Classic Vibe Series such a great buy is how it combines a reliable brand with cost-effective options, while still having its vintage quality sound and design. The multiple features and colours offered within this series make finding the right guitar for you so enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, this range is a great choice for those who cherish the retro Fender aesthetics and expressive tones.

The Range

Electric Guitars:

Stratocaster | Telecaster | Jazzmaster | Starcaster | Jaguar | Mustang

Bass Guitars:

Precision Bass | Jazz | Jazz V | Bass VI | Jaguar | Mustang