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Surfy Industries

Surfy Industries are a Swedish-based company that creates portable guitar effects, inspired by the classic sounds of vintage amps and reverb units.

It all started with the development of the ‘SurfyBear’ Reverb Unit, designed with the goal to achieve the classic sounds of the Fender 6G15 and capture it inside a more modern, affordable and portable format.

Designed in Sweden using the highest quality components, each product provides the original tone and characteristics of whatever they have reimagined, as well as adding essential modern technologies, as opposed to just recreating them. Surfy pride themselves on incorporating all the behaviours and “imperfections” of the vintage analogue equipment they produce, always offering the same character and flair as the originals did. As you can imagine, Surfy closely follows the Surf Music Scene and is continually listening out for new ideas and inspiration.

Each Surfy product comes with a free lifetime warranty once you register your product on their website.

Here’s What Surfy Say:

”It is no secret that we started our business with the development of the “SurfyBear”, a reverb controller based on the legendary Fender® 6G15® unit, to recreate the same sounding experience, but with reduced transportation issues and costs.”

”The worldwide surf music community has been extremely helpful and supportive, so much that thanks to these “reverb freaks” we reviewed our plans based on their suggestions and ideas. In the end, no music genre cares about reverb more than surf music!”

”Analog over digital. We do not produce emulations, we work instead to give you the original tone of an effect. Besides, we are fans of analog, including the imperfections, since it is the only authentic sound.”


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