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Tiger are one of our most popular brands, thanks to their assortment of fantastic entry-level instruments and high-quality accessories.

Best-selling GAK brand Tiger is a musical instrument manufacturer committed to producing high-quality, reliable products at remarkably affordable prices. Ideal for entry-level musicians, our range of Tiger instruments covers everything from drum kits to guitars to folk instruments, ensuring a comprehensive offering for aspiring young musicians and future rockstars.

Tiger is also known for their best-selling accessories, offering a selection of durable gig bags, guitar stands, guitar straps, keyboard stands, piano benches, microphone stands and more - everything you need to complete your setup.

If you'd like to know more about what Tiger instruments and accessories have to offer or have any questions, you can head down to our Brighton store or contact us online, over the phone or via email for friendly, expert advice on your next purchase.

Tiger Guitars - Start Playing Today

Explore our fantastic range of Tiger acoustic guitars, available in a wide array of stunning colours that look as good as they sound. All Tiger guitars are designed to deliver a professional sound, effortless tuning and comfortable playability. Tiger’s guitar packs include everything you need to get started: a gig bag, strings and a guitar strap.

Tiger Drum Kits - Perfect for Beginners & Kids

Tiger drum kits cater to drummers of all ages and skill levels. With their focus on quality and affordability, Tiger ensures that everyone can experience the joy of drumming.

Tiger offers a diverse range of drum kits including 3-piece junior kits for very young children, 5-piece junior drum kits for children aged 3-10 and full-size 5-piece kits for beginners in search of an affordable and complete drumming solution. These kits cater to the unique requirements of each drummer, providing an excellent platform to explore and develop their musical talents.

All Tiger drum kits come with essential accessories such as sticks, a stool, and stands for the 5-piece kits, giving beginner drummers everything they need to start playing straight out of the box.

Tiger Folk Instruments - Ukuleles for All

Tiger folk instruments and ukuleles cater to beginners and experienced players alike. Made from quality materials and available in vibrant colours, these ukuleles are easy to tune and play with impressive tones. Each Tiger ukulele comes with a gig bag, strings and a pick.

Tiger Accessories - Affordable Stands, Strings & More

In addition to high-quality, affordable instruments, Tiger offers a range of premium accessories at budget-friendly prices. Whether you’re searching for guitar accessories (including strings, guitar stands, tuners, and metronomes), drum accessories (including cymbal bags, drum bags and hardware bags) or keyboard accessories such as (including keyboard stands and benches), Tiger’s delivers robust, durable and keenly priced accessories have you covered.

What instruments does Tiger specialise in?

Tiger specialises in a variety of instruments, including acoustic guitars, junior drum kits and folk instruments like ukuleles.

Are Tiger instruments suitable for beginners?

Yes, Tiger instruments are designed with entry-level musicians in mind, making them an ideal choice for beginners.

What accessories does Tiger offer?

Tiger offers a wide range of accessories, including cables, music stands, gig bags, strings and instrument-specific accessories such as capos and guitar straps.

Can I find a complete package for beginners in the Tiger range?

Yes, Tiger offers complete packages for beginners, such as guitar packs and drum kits that include everything you need to start playing.

What makes Tiger instruments stand out from other entry-level brands?

Tiger instruments are known for their high-quality materials, excellent craftsmanship and affordable prices, making them an outstanding choice for beginners.