Tiger GST63 A-Frame Guitar Stand


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Tiger GST63 A-Frame Guitar Stand


In stock

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Tiger GST63 A-Frame Guitar Stand Overview

  • Portable design makes it great for the guitarist on the move. Dimensions when folded: 31cm x 15cm x 4.2cm
  • Dimensions when opened 29cm x 29.9cm x 31.5cm
  • The rubberised movable body supports helps to accommodate acoustic guitars, classical, electric and bass guitars
  • Rubberised feet and body support protects and also stops the stand and instrument from slipping
  • ABS plastic is strong yet lightweight, weighing only 434 grams

Compact, foldable design

Designed primarily with the busy life of the gigging musician and hustle and bustle of student life in mind, the Tiger GST63-BK Guitar Stand is a foldable, compact piece of equipment designed for your convenience. When folded, this stand breaks down to one singular 31cm x 15cm x 4.2cm piece of gear (a lot easier to carry than its unfolded 29cm x 29.9cm x 31.5cm form)

All rubber contact points

We know how important your instruments are to you, so we’ve made sure this stand features a rubberised body and legs (all contact points) so your instrument won’t get any scratches and will securely stay perched on the stand. You can also adjust and extend the legs to suit your instrument. We’ve also included rubber feet to ensure your stand doesn’t go for a run when you most need it!

Suitable for a range of styles

We don’t like to limit our customers, so we’ve made sure this stand is suitable for more than just one style of guitar – you can rest your acoustic, classical, bass and electric guitars on this product. Have your chosen guitar at the ready no matter what the style.

Also available for ukuleles!

This new range isn’t just limited to larger stringed instruments. We understand how important a compact instrument stand is for most musicians on the move – which is why we have a smaller, scaled-down, version of this stand for ukuleles.

At a slightly smaller size, this stand is ideal for ukuleles, most violins, banjos and mandolins too!

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