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Universal Audio Guitar Range

Universal Audio are a heritage brand and one of our best sellers. They’re renowned for their highly-acclaimed studio gear (which includes interfaces and analogue rack units) as well as their stunning software emulations of iconic hardware. The huge list of world-famous artists and producers that use UA speaks for itself!

Nowadays, Universal Audio are becoming known for a lot more than the incredible Apollo series, venturing into more guitar-oriented products.

UA Ox Box Lifestyle Image

OX - Amp Top Box

If you’ve ever wanted to get the most from your valve amp at home (without the neighbours calling the cops to get you to turn it down), Universal Audio have a solution - the Ox Amp Top Box.

This extraordinary piece of kit is an analogue reactive load box and guitar recording system that lets you record your amp at its sweet spot - wherever you are and at any volume! It doesn’t matter if you have a Fender Twin or a Marshall Plexi, you can crank it up high without destroying your ears.

  • Plugs into your amp’s speaker out so you preserve the tone and dynamics of your sound.
  • Headphone output for enjoying your valve amp in silence.
  • Six-position RIG control for quick selection of various cab, mic and effects setups.
  • Dynamic speaker modelling that’s as reactive and responsive as a real cab.
  • An arsenal of 22 cabs and 6 microphones.
  • A variety of outputs that you can tailor to your setup, including - stereo S/PDIF digital outputs via RCA, optical TOSLINK and balanced TRS stereo line outputs with front panel level control.
  • Connect any 1, 2 or 3 button footswitch to control the Ox’s amazing effects.
  • Intuitive software app that lets you edit the RIG settings via Wi-Fi with you iPad, Mac or Windows 10 PC. You can then store your six favourite settings onto the Ox for later recall.

UAFX Pedal Range

With the UAFX range, UA have ingeniously taken their spot-on emulations of classic gear and put it into a pedalboard-friendly stompbox format. Now you can take those studio-quality sounds and use them to enhance your tone - without the need for a computer!

Each pedal in the range features:

  • Three legendary effects per pedal (with variations).
  • A stylish and rugged enclosure that looks gorgeous and will last for decades to come.
  • Stereo/Dual Mono operation (with auto-detection of inputs and outputs).
  • A powerful dual-core processor, which provides unparalleled sonic realism.
  • Extra tone-shaping controls which allow you to go beyond the sounds of the original units.
  • True Bypass with Silent Switching.
  • Configurable footswitch operation (Starlight and Astra).
  • Additional effects downloadable via the USB port (they don’t replace the built-in algorithms).
  • Preset Mode for instant recall of a favourite setting (seamless transitions/trails when switching between Preset/Live modes)

For more information on the new UAFX Range, check out our blog.

Partner any of the UA Guitar Products with Universal Audio's exceptional Heritage Range of Audio Interfaces for the ultimate recording setup.