Walrus Audio ERAS Distortion Pedal


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Walrus Audio ERAS Distortion Pedal


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Walrus Audio ERAS Distortion Pedal Overview

The Walrus Audio Eras distortion pedal is a high-gain monster with a tight, rapid response that’s suited to hard-hitting and aggressive styles. What sets the Eras apart is its superb versatility, with 5 selectable clipping modes that each present a different flavour of distortion.

High Gain Beast

At its core, the Walrus Audio Eras is a high-gain distortion pedal that delivers an incendiary, speaker rattling tone with a tight response that lends itself well to chugging and palm muting. When it comes to heavy genres like Metal, Hardcore and Punk, the Eras truly comes into its own.

5 in 1

Where the Walrus Audio Eras stands out from the pack is its ability to switch between 5 clipping options, allowing you to tailor the compression, bass-response, clipping and gain amount to rhythm or lead work. Because each gain state has its own distinctive sound, you essentially have 5 distortion pedals in 1.

Astounding Versatility

The first 3 modes present a slight mid-cut, with Mode 1 using LED hard-clipping (fast response, perfect for palm-muted riffs), Mode 2 using Silicon hard-clipping (smooth with extra compression) and Mode 3 combining LED & Silicon hard-clipping (rich tone with tonnes of sustain). The last modes feature a deeper mid-cut and are a great choice of rhythm playing. Mode 4 harnesses LED hard-clipping for a tighter response whilst Mode 5 uses Silicon hard-clipping for a warm, full sound.

Easy Tweaking

Walrus Audio have equipped the Eras distortion pedal with active Bass and Treble controls, which allows you to match the tone to your guitar’s pickup type and carve out your place in the mix. The incredibly handy Blend control gives you the ability to seamlessly combine and stack other gain pedals or mix in your dry signal if you’re a bassist.

Boutique Build

Walrus Audio are widely acclaimed for making premium, professional-quality pedals and the Eras is no exception. In addition to True Bypass, the Eras is outfitted with top-mounted Input & Output jacks for effortless pedalboard integration. With its eye-catching translucent red enclosure and four-horned, winged Bull artwork, the Eras is sure to be a standout on your ‘board. The Eras’ power requirements are a traditional 9VDC centre negative, 100mA minimum.

If you’re a guitar or bass player that’s after a versatile high-gain distortion that presents an impressive variety of inspiring tones, the Walrus Era Eras is a top choice.