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Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 Multi-Clip Fuzz Pedal

The Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 is an updated version of the popular Jupiter Fuzz V2 Pedal, delivering thick, loud and gnarly fuzz tones.

The latest version of the Jupiter pedal has some new updates, including an increase of gain, updated Volume control making it easier to dial in unity gain, updated Tone control for improved high-frequency response, and an added gate control through the internal trim pot to tame the noise.

There’s also new artwork with a coal sparkle powder coat on the casing, and brushed aluminium knobs to bring the pedal into current times.

Fuzz pedals tend to emphasize certain frequencies which is both a good and a bad thing. The Jupiter V2 lets you dial in just the right amount of fuzz so you can either stand out in the mix or ride it out with drums and rhythm.

The Fuzz knob adjusts the fuzz effect and distortion, and you can use it to boost the sustain for solos or reduce it for more rhythm parts. If you want a heavier sound, you can crank it all the way up to get that crunchy, compressed Big Muff sound

The Mode toggle switch lets you choose between three different clipping diode arrangements to deliver more combinations of fuzz and tone, and the Bass toggle switch boosts the low end.

Inside the Jupiter, V2 pedal is a small blue square with an adjustable screw. When you turn the screw to the left, it gives a gated sound and a ‘dying battery’ effect is engaged via an internal trim pot, and turning the screw to the right opens the pedal up and decreases the noise gate.

The artwork has had an overhaul and now features a skeleton astronaut in front of the planet Jupiter, with coal sparkle powder coating on the casing to give it an edge.

If you’re looking for an effect pedal that’s simple, easy to use, and has many options and combinations to produce thick and loud fuzz tones, the Jupiter V2 would be a great addition to your pedalboard.

The Walrus Audio Jupiter V2 Multi-Clip Fuzz Pedal uses a 9v power supply (not included).

  • Increase of gain on tap.
  • Adjusted volume control making it easier to dial in unity gain.
  • Altered tone control for improved high frequency response.
  • Added gate control via internal trim pot to tame noise, or to achieve the spatty "dying battery" tones.
  • Killer new artwork and a new coal sparkle powder coat on the enclosure.
  • Brushed Aluminum knobs

No upgrades available