World Rhythm MDJ001 Rope Tuned Djembe, 8in, Orange


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World Rhythm MDJ001 Rope Tuned Djembe, 8in, Orange


In stock

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World Rhythm MDJ001 Rope Tuned Djembe, 8in, Orange Overview

  • A weather-resistant synthetic shell makes it ideal for festivals and other outdoor activities
  • Authentic rope tuning and goat skin head gives this drum an authentic look and feel
  • Lightweight shell creates deep bass and crisp sharp high tones
  • Eight Inch djembe drum
  • 16 Inches in height small on size, big on volume

Weather-resistant shell

This djembe African drum features a synthetic shell making the drum weather resistant ensuring you can play to your heart’s content wherever you are, whatever the conditions. This makes the drum perfect for festival performances, particularly if you are playing outside without cover.

Authentic rope tuning and goatskin head

The drum comes with an authentic rope tuning which allows you to change the tone of the drum to suit your desired sound by tightening and loosening the rope around the drum. The drum also features a goatskin drum head giving it an authentic look and feel when you play it.

Lightweight shell

The djembe’s large circumference allows the lightweight shell to create deep bass as well as crisp sharp high tones depending on where you hit the drum. Ultimately the variability in how you can play this drum will leave you creating all sorts of authentic African melodies and rhythms.

Compact surface area

The djembe’s compact size (16 inches high) makes the drum highly transportable meaning you can play it wherever you are; whether you’re on the go or on the way to a festival. Despite the compact size, the 8-inch head is still enough space for you to create some unique African sounds.

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