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Yamaha CP88 Soft Bag

Soft case for the Yamaha CP88 Stage Piano

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  • Duane Baptiste


    This is the official soft bag from Yamaha for the CP88 Stage Piano. I was in two minds between this item and the Gator GK-88 soft bag. While I had not previously seen both of these items, I only had online reviews to rely on in terms of overall product satisfaction. The CP88 weighs in at just over 18kgs, so it was a fine line to buy a suitable case that was protective and lightweight too! The Yamaha bag weighs 4.5kgs and the Gator weighs just under 10kgs. The main difference being the Gator soft bag has reinforced sides and plastic skids on the base that seem to reinforce the whole flat base of the bag/case. However, I decided to go with the Yamaha bag as while being lighter, the slightly softer feel is compensated with very good quality and construction and literally made to measure exactly. My only thing to mention is the base of the case has a large back handle which tends to create a slight bump through the padded base and I kind of felt this may cause damage to the CP88 metal base. I simply placed some foam into the bag base and this now fully protects the base of the piano. All in all, I’d say if buying the CP88 then definitely go with the matching Yamaha bag for light transport in a car or elsewhere! This is just a transit case and not a heavy duty flightcase. For the intended purpose though, it’s perfect! The handle is very robust and strong. Expensive when compared to the Gator bag, but the trade off his lightweight and quality instead of just weight!

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