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Yamaha SPCVR-1001 Functional Speaker Cover Overview by GAK
The Yamaha SPCVR-1001 Functional Speaker Cover is compatible with the Yamaha DXR10, DBR10 & CBR10 Loudspeaker and is designed to protect your Yamaha speakers from harmful weather conditions during outdoor performances, transporting from A to B, and also keeps your loudspeakers protected and clean when kept in storage.

See below for full features

  • Trilaminar fabric of durable polyester, with inner PVC coat and cushion inside for impact suppression
  • Front mesh allows sound reinforcement with the cover as well as ensures amp cooling
  • Rear roof allows easy access to the rear panel with the cover on
  • Handle slit allows easy access to the handles for carriage
  • Inner pocket additional space for carrying cables

Customer reviews

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  • Ian Kellett


    Designed by a committe. Flaps, zips, meshes and Velcro in abundance so you can leave the covers on when you play, opening all the flaps and zips adds to set up time and I bought them to protect the speakers and the car from each other. But they’ve got YAMAHA in big letters on the front to look flash when you set up.

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