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Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Splash (9in) Product Overview

Developed in conjunction with Akira Jimbo, the K Custom Hybrids combine an unlathed, brilliant finish on the inner half with the traditionally finished K Zildjian lathing on the outer half of the cymbal, resulting in two possible different sound dynamics, dependent on where the cymbal is played. The unlathed section helps to control the wash and sustain, ideal for recording and live situations. 

The K Custom Hybrid Splash is relatively thin to maximise immediate response. Though it speaks quickly, it still has the ability to project and cut into dense mixes due to the unlathed bell. 

  • Developed with Akira Jimbo.
  • Unlathed, brilliant finish of the K Custom Ride on the inner halfTraditionally finished K Zildjian lathing on the outer half.
  • Darkness and brightness combined for the drummer who wants it all. Order today!