New Danelectro Billionaire Effects Pedals!


The new Danelectro Billionaire guitar effects is a brand new range of pedals with a touch of class. Although they imitate “classic” circuits, they are also very neatly priced, making them very attractive to players on a budget.

Danelectro already has a pretty solid foundation for making quality effects pedals at a reasonable price, and we see this again in the new Billionaire Series. With a collection of four vintage-style effects pedals, (Big Spender Spinning Speaker, Billion Dollar Boost, Filthy Rich Tremelo, Pride Of Texas Overdrive) the new Billionaire Series is anything but pricey and does a great job of presenting what can be achieved if you combine looks, sound and design.

Danelectro Billionaire Big Spender Spinning Speaker

New Danelectro Billionaire Effects Pedals!

Best ever spinning speaker tones. Rich, lush and sparkling. The ramp switch lets you initiate the next ramp move and select the direction of the ramp move (up or down). Even if you never liked spinning speaker effects, you’ll love this. It’s Mesmerizing!

Tone on Tap – Use the volume to add grit and drive. Treble controls your top-end sparkle; stay neutral at noon, dial back for a dark warbly sound, or bring it up to cut through the mix. Adjust the speed to go from slow phase to quick spin.

Stirred, Not Shaken – The ramp button can take you from the slowest to the fastest speed or vice versa in 10 seconds. Green and Red LEDs mark the minimum and maximum speeds respectively and blink when adjusting.

Danelectro Billionaire Billion Dollar Boost

New Danelectro Billionaire Effects Pedals!

Secret weapon of A-list Irish and Brit rockers. Reissue of rare 1980’s “hidden gem”. Stellar boost of all frequencies plus clean preamp with gobs of gain. Crisp clean tone with volume set at 50% or less. Hits amp for crunchy bite with volume past 50%. Don’t listen unless you want to own it. You will never part with this one.

Zero to Boost – Go with a clean boost or turn it up through crunchy to singing sustain. Adjust high and low frequencies with the treble and bass knobs, cut what you want and boost the rest.

The Tone, the Whole Tone, and Nothing but The Tone – The small toggle switch enables a low cut filter; try this with your setup and adjust for custom interaction that is right on the money.

Danelectro Billionaire Filthy Rich Tremolo

New Danelectro Billionaire Effects Pedals!

Danelectro invented the thickest, deepest amplifier tremolo in the late 1940s. Billionaire brings back this original Danelectro technology for the richest tremolo tones ever. One listen and this will be a prized part of your arsenal.

Get Richer – Adjust speed and depth for a little smooth and dreamy tremolo or a lot of stutter and flutter.

A Wealth of Possibility – Use the switch to select between the soft oscillation of a 60’s tube amp and hard oscillation that almost sounds like your instrument is being turned on and off.

Danelectro Billionaire Pride of Texas Overdrive

New Danelectro Billionaire Effects Pedals!

Aces the bluesy tone of one of the greatest players ever to walk the earth. Fattens up signal without loss of clarity or voice. Adds push and fatness to single coil or humbuckers. Plenty of boost for crunch rhythm or solos. If you can take only one pedal into the studio to record your dream tune, make sure it is this one!

Magical Tone – Start the volume low and crank it up for a nice boost. Roll back the gain for a cleaner sound or push it all the way up for saturated singing leads.

Highs & Lows – Treble controls all that top-end sparkle. Dial it down for a darker sound or bring it up to cut through, especially useful with humbuckers. Bass boosts or cuts the low end; works great for thickening up single coils.