Welcome to IEMusic – Who We Are

About Us

Since 2012, IEMusic have been at the forefront of providing curriculum-aligned music workshops at more than 800 schools across the United Kingdom.

Carefully selected industry professionals, including attending artists with expertise in the music industry, lead our workshops and deliver contemporary insights.

We present this knowledge in an enjoyable and interactive manner whilst ensuring a strong connection with the national music curriculum.

We collaborate with local authorities, music hubs within each county, and our esteemed music industry partner, GAK.co.uk, along with GAK Education, to carry out our efforts.

This partnership grants us access to premier brands in the Rock and Pop music realm, enhancing the quality of our workshops immensely.

“We had an amazing day – thank you! Sam is just so natural with the students. Liam and Kyle were also super. I can’t really think of anything to improve, everything they did was received positively by the students and they especially loved the performance at the end of the day!”

Becca Widdowson – Head Music Teacher – Thurston Academy, Essex

Our Collaborative Partners

In 2023, IEMusic successfully organized 55 Music Industry Taster Days, backed by our invaluable partner, GAK. With GAK’s unwavering support, we have significantly expanded our reach across East Anglia.

This expansion has facilitated increased musical engagement among young talents, amplified opportunities for performances and careers for our workshop participants, and enabled us to assist individuals, schools, and local authorities in acquiring funding and instruments.

Education discounts and the National AIPS Scheme further boost these endeavours.

GAK’s roster of esteemed partners, prominently linked to grassroots education advocacy, includes renowned names such as Roland, Boss, Fender, Yamaha, Mackie, Tiger by GAK, World Rhythm by GAK, and Orange Amplification.

“Thank you so much for the excellent workshop today. Within half an hour of you leaving, I have already had two emails from parents who have just reported that their son has come home from school enthused and inspired.”

Hannah Strachan – Head Music Teacher – Hitchin Boys, Essex

“I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone.”

Anna Gilbert – Head Music Teacher – Acle Academy, Norfolk

Education Hub Partners

Over the last 24 months, IEMusic has secured funding and delivery partnerships with Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire Music Hubs in order to consolidate the overall contemporary music offer to young people attending secondary school aged 13-18.

Example Workshop Day

08:00 – Arrival/Load In 

9:00 – Introduction to the day and workshops on songwriting. Begin with class presentation and decomposition of a classic pop song. Study key features within popular music writing, (i.e. chord progression, dynamics, tempo, rhythms, patterns, and songwriting tips/tricks). 

10:00 – Students will then break out into small groups to begin the lyric writing process. Groups discuss the subject matter, writing to a brief and placing melody lines against chord progressions before heading off to break-out rooms to form full bands. 

10:45 – Coffee Break

11:00 – Workshops on songwriting continue, with individual chord progressions added and melody lines explored. Students continue to receive mentor tuition whilst building their songs and adding instruments.

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Round-off session with students given one last chance to finalise their piece of music before taking part in a performance workshop in which each group takes to the stage to demonstrate their work and receive tutor, artist and class feedback.

2:00 – All workshop students become the audience for the lesson along with any other available cohorts for an inspirational careers talk from the workshop leader followed by a performance from the attending artist. Q&A can also take place before during or after this session.

3:00 – Loadout

About GAK Education

With a trading history spanning over three decades, GAK.co.uk boasts an established education division overseen by the dedicated Dan Thomas.

This department is focused on collaborating with music hubs, institutions, individual schools, and academies, ensuring that children and young individuals with musical inclinations can nurture and advance their talents.

As a testament to our commitment to nurturing grassroots music education, GAK is proudly aligned with IEMusic as a sponsor. We are staunch believers that our partnership can drive positive change in music education.

Through our sponsorship, we are introducing exciting prize draws for students, schools, and music hubs.