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Fender is renowned for producing some of the most popular and beloved guitars in the world. One of the most iconic and recognisable brands within the music industry, Fender have been at the forefront of electric and acoustic guitar manufacturing since the Telecaster was introduced in 1950, transforming music worldwide in a range of genres including rock ‘n’ roll, blues country, jazz and more.

Fender instruments have been used by everyone from beginners to the world’s most acclaimed artists, and are more popular than ever. Today, FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) brands also include Squier, Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel, EVH and more.

The Range:

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Fender Electric Guitars

Fender Electric Guitars are some of the most popular guitars in the world, played by everyone from beginners to world-famous musicians for many decades. Known for their iconic tone, great build quality and classic looks, Fender Electric Guitars are a must-have.

The Fender Stratocaster has been used by David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, among many others. The Strat is known for its wide tonal range and articulate sound, thanks to its classic SSS pickup configuration.

The Fender Telecaster is known for its bright, snappy, vintage tone, aka the ‘Tele twang’, and is great for a range of genres such as country, reggae, blues, punk and indie rock.

The Fender Jazzmaster and Fender Jaguar offset guitars are great for those who want a more unique shape and sound, popular with indie rock and grunge musicians. There are other offset guitars such as the Mustang, Jaguar, the Duo-Sonic and more.

Fender Acoustic Guitars

There are many different, unique types of Fender Acoustic Guitars available across several ranges including Acoustasonic, California, Paramount, Classic Design, Educational and even Ukuleles. They’re generally aimed at beginners and intermediate players, and still have that great Fender build quality you come to expect.

Fender Bass Guitars

Fender Bass Guitars are incredibly popular with beginners and professional musicians alike, available in a range of styles, colours, and price points. The Fender Precision Bass and Fender Jazz Bass are the two of the most popular bass guitar designs ever. The Fender Precision Bass is the first electric bass guitar that was mass-produced and has been popular ever since. There’s also the Jaguar Bass, the Mustang Bass, and more, letting you choose the style and sound that suits you.

Fender Guitar Amplifiers

Fender also has a range of popular tube and solid-state amps, with the Hot Rod Deluxe being the best-selling tube amp ever. Other popular amps include the tweed models from the 50s, brownface and blackface from the 60s, and Silverface amps through the 70s, through to the digital Mustang range. The Fender Frontman and Fender Champion amps are the perfect practise amp for beginners thanks to their great sound, compact size, and affordable price tag.

Fender Bass Amplifiers

Known for their distinct tone and character, Fender Bass Amps have been an industry standard for artists and bands around the world on both recordings and live performances. The models have changed very little over the last 70+ years, a testament to their original design by Leo Fender. Both classic valve and modern digital modelling Amplifiers are available in both Bass Combo, Bass Head and Bass Practice Amp configurations. Popular Bass Amp Series the Bassman and Rumble ranges.

Fender Effects Pedals

Fender has a wide range of effects pedals, including classics such as reverb, chorus, delay, distortion, overdrive, tremolo and more.

Fender Accessories

Fender has a wide range of accessories available such as cables, straps, guitar care products, gig bags, picks, capos, guitar stands and much more.

Fender Custom Shop

Fender’s top-of-the-range guitars, using the best materials, processes and luthiers to craft custom models by hand, and includes limited-edition models, signature artist editions, heavy ageing and other custom features.

Fender was founded in Fullerton, California by Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender in 1946. In 1950, Fender introduced the Telecaster (originally called the Broadcaster for two-pickup models) and it was the world’s first commercially mass-produced electric solid-body guitar. Following the success of the Telecaster, Fender then introduced the Precision Bass, followed by the Stratocaster in 1954, whose design was made by getting input from working musicians to make the ideal guitar. In 1959, Fender introduced the Jazzmaster, whose design was considered radical at the time and designed for Jazz guitarists. Although it never really became popular with that crowd, it did find a home amongst surf rock guitarists. This was followed by the Jaguar in 1962 which was influenced by the Jazzmaster.

Fender was sold to CBS in 1965, which many see as a period of reduced quality and cost-cutting measures to make the most profit. Fender was then purchased in 1986 by employees from the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company and is now based in Corona, California where it has since grown to become one of the best-known manufacturers of guitars, with production facilities in the USA, Mexico, Korea and Japan.

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