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With the release of BOSS' first compact pedal, the CE-1 in 1976, BOSS set on a mission to create unique and innovative effects pedals for guitarists all over the world and even though the CE-1 was released almost 35 years ago it still remains one of the most popular pedals on the market today. Throughout the 70's and 80's BOSS continued to release compact pedals such as the DS-1, the SD-1 and the DD-3, some of them still just as popular to this day. Having developed over 80 pedals in a 40-year span, BOSS continues to be one of the most popular pedal manufactures in the industry are here at GAK, we are proud a main BOSS dealer. Be sure to check out our fantastic range of pedals which includes the popular RC-1 Looper, the BD-2 Blues Driver, the OD-3 Overdrive and a whole host of other impressive pedals.

If require any assistance with your Boss purchase or have any questions regarding the Boss range, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Boss specialists by calling 01273 665 400.



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