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Boss Guitar Amps And Effects

From their iconic stompboxes to their cutting edge amps, you can always count on Boss gear to deliver exceptional performance.

Boss guitar amps and effects can be found on countless stages, studios and homes around the world. The Japanese company, which is a division of legendary music technology manufacturer Roland, has been creating best-selling stompboxes and amplifiers since 1976.

Whilst there are way too many classic records that have used Boss equipment to mention, artists that have favoured Boss include Prince, Steve Vai, John Frusciante, Kurt Cobain, Orianthi, Daryl Jones and Eric Johnson. In fact, Prince’s pedalboard consisted of mostly Boss pedals! The musical diversity of Boss artists goes to show how expansive the range of Boss gear is.

Effects Pedals

From brutal distortions to lush time-based effects, Boss effects offer something for every kind of player and genre. Since the release of their first pedal, the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, Boss guitar pedals have developed a fierce reputation for their rock-solid reliability, affordable price and incredible tone.

Compact Boss stompboxes such as the DS-1 Distortion, BD-2 Blues Driver, MT-2 Metal Zone and TR-2 Tremolo have remained immensely popular since their launch. The Waza Craft range is available for players that are looking for the pinnacle in pedal craftsmanship and design. Boss are also renowned for innovative multi-effects pedals and their intuitive RC loop stations.

Guitar Amplifiers

Boss’s amplifiers build upon their legacy of innovation in the world of effects and understanding of what guitarists are looking for in an amp. Boss amps cater for every kind of player, from portable, beginner-friendly combo amps to fully-featured full stacks for the professional player.

From the Katana series (seriously versatile amps at an affordable price) to the Nextone series (authentic valve tone, superior reliability) to the flagship Waza Craft series (state-of-the-art amps for the modern player), there’s a Boss amp that’s perfect for you. Performing acoustic guitarists and singer-songwriters are catered for with the fantastic Acoustic Singer series.

Studio Recordings

When it’s time to practice or record, Boss’s range of audio recorders have got you covered. If you want to improve your chops or jam along to your favourite tracks on the go, you can leave your bulky practice amp at home. These feature-packed devices present a portable and performance-ready recording solution for guitar players. Boasting realistic COSM amp simulations and effects, a massive library of backing tracks and rhythms and an onboard recording capability, these devices are top-notch jamming and practising tools.

Guitar Accessories

When it’s time to complete your guitar rig, Boss offer a wide selection of high-quality accessories including premium instrument cables, comfortable straps and durable picks.

Boss have been manufacturing and developing some of the world’s best loved effects for over 40 years. Founding in 1973, Boss were originally known as Beckmen Musical Instruments. The earliest product the company created was the B-100 Boss, a preamp for acoustic guitars. The first effect to proudly bear the Boss name was the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, a pedal-version of Roland JC-120’s luscious chorus/vibrato circuit.

1977 was the year Boss would revolutionise the guitar world, with the introduction of their line of compact pedals. The pedalboard-friendly shape of these pedals would become iconic symbol in the world of stompboxes. Whilst there were plenty of pro players that used Boss stompboxes for their astounding tone, rugged reliability and compact form factor, their affordable price meant that beginners could access them as well. Boss’s compact effects pedals remain mainstays of guitarists pedalboards, from touring professionals to weekend warriors, around the world.

To this day, Boss remain one of the most popular guitar companies out there. In addition to their classic stompbox effects, Boss have continued to lead the way with their loopers, multi-effects units, guitar synths and amplifiers.

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