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4-string bass guitars are the classic choice for many bass players and the most common type of bass.

Here at GAK our extensive range of 4-string bass guitars offers the perfect blend of playability and tone for bassists of all levels. As the standard choice for most bass players, 4-string bass guitars play an essential role in a wide variety of music genres, from rock, pop and country to jazz, funk and metal.

Our collection of 4-string bass guitars includes models from renowned brands like Fender, Squier, Gibson, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Music Man, Yamaha and Ibanez. Choose from the ever-popular Fender Precision Bass, known for its beautiful simplicity, classic tone and comfortable playability, or experience the sonic muscle of a Music Man StingRay, favoured by countless professionals worldwide. With a wide variety of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect 4-string bass to match your playing style and budget.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-play instrument or an experienced player seeking a professional-quality bass guitar, our selection caters to everyone. Browse through our range of electric bass guitars, including short-scale models, for a more comfortable playing experience, fretless bass guitars and even left-handed bass guitars for those who need a different orientation.

Looking to complete your bass guitar rig? As well as 4-string and 5-string bass guitars, we also offer everything you need to complete your perfect setup, including bass amplifiers, effects pedals and pedalboards as well as accessories such as cables, plectrums and strings. Contact us or head down to our iconic Brighton store if you have any questions about buying your next bass.

What is the most popular 4-string bass guitar?

The Fender Precision Bass, also known as the P-Bass, is considered one of the most popular 4-string bass guitars due to its distinctive sound, comfortable playability and iconic design. It has been a staple for bassists across various music genres since its introduction in the early 1950s. Compared to the double bass, the P-Bass allowed bassists to compete volume-wise with the rest of the band and hit notes consistently thanks to the fretted neck.

Other popular bass guitars include the Fender Jazz Bass, the Gibson Thunderbird, the Music Man Stingray, the Rickenbacker 4003 and the Höfner 500/1.

Are all bass guitars 4-string?

While 4-string bass guitars are the most common and traditional option, there are also bass guitars with 5, 6 or more strings available. These extended-range bass guitars offer additional tonal possibilities and are often used in more progressive music genres. Thundercat, a well-regarded modern bassist, is widely known for using a 6-string bass guitar and his incredible prowess on the instrument.

What 4-string bass guitar would you recommend?

For beginners, we recommend an affordable and easy-to-play 4-string bass guitar such as a Squier, Epiphone, Yamaha or Ibanez model. For more experienced players, a bass guitar made in the United States or Japan by Fender, Gibson or Music Man will boast high-end appointments, exceptional playability and top-tier build quality.

Is it hard to play a 4-string bass guitar?

Playing a 4-string bass guitar can be as easy or challenging as you make it, depending on your musical goals and dedication to practice. For beginners, a 4-string bass offers a manageable introduction to the world of bass playing, with fewer strings to navigate and a more straightforward layout compared to extended-range basses.

Mastering the 4-string bass guitar involves developing proper technique, finger strength, and a good understanding of rhythm and groove. It's essential to start with the basics, such as learning scales and simple bass lines, before gradually progressing to more complex techniques and challenging songs.

With consistent practice and a commitment to learning, playing a 4-string bass guitar can become an enjoyable and rewarding experience for musicians of all skill levels.

Do I need a 4 or 5-string bass?

Whilst you can practice bass guitar without an amp, it’s far from ideal. An electric bass guitar unplugged will lack the low-end depth and response of playing

The choice between a 4-string and a 5-string bass depends on your musical preferences and the genres you play. A 4-string bass is suitable for most music styles and offers a more traditional playing experience, while a 5-string bass provides an extended range with a lower B string, which can be useful for certain music genres like jazz, progressive rock and metal.

What are the notes on a 4-string bass guitar?

The standard tuning for a 4-string bass guitar, from the lowest (thickest) string to the highest (thinnest) string, is E-A-D-G. A traditional bass guitar is tuned an octave lower and strung with thicker strings than a guitar.