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Here at GAK, we stock a HUGE range of microphones to suit an endless number of purposes, from vocal recording to instrument recording, live performances, podcasting/reporting, theatre and much more.

Every microphone serves a specific purpose and therefore choosing the correct one is vital to getting the perfect recording from your sound source. When recording vocals in a studio, for example, engineers often favour a large diaphragm condenser, on stage, however, engineers prefer to use Dynamic mics for their strength and durability. Instrument sources such as guitar and piano work especially well when captured by single or stereo pair cardioid condenser mics, drums offer up more a challenge and generally require a mixture of dynamic and condenser mics to be captured the best possible way. For presenting or fitness classes, a lavaliere or headset mic is generally the way to go.

We have stock of dynamic mics, typically used for vocals or instrument micing, USB mics for quick plug and play recording or podcasting, valve mics for adding warmth to your recordings, broadcast mics for news presenters and condensers for anything from recording to live performance. We stock all major brands like Shure, sEElectronics, Rode, AKG, Audio Technica, Neumann and Beyerdynamic and many more.

If you need some help choosing, give our microphone experts a call on 01273 665400 or pop down to our store!