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Electronic Drum Monitor Systems

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Our complete collection of monitoring solution for your Electronic Drum Kit.

Looking for a way to hear your Electric Kit out loud when jamming with other musicians? There’s no better way than using an Electronic Drum Monitor.

There is no doubt that using a Virtual Drum Kit is a fantastic way to keep the noise levels at a minimum, but what about when you want other people to hear that new fill you’ve just learnt?!

Unlike using headphones, a drum speaker is best for hearing the sounds of your e-kit when playing with other people, whether you are at band practice, rehearsing at home or during lessons. You’ll even see live drummers using the more powerful versions as a stage monitor or as a PA when gigging at small venues.

Whatever your reason is for needing an Electronic Drum Monitor, you’ll find a great selection here at GAK, with products from market-leading brands like Roland, Alesis & Yamaha!

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