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Beginner Bass Guitars

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Welcome to GAK’s range of beginner bass guitars, specially curated for those taking their first step into the rhythmically rich and highly rewarding world of bass guitar. Make your exciting journey into the world of bass start on a high note.

If you’ve started learning how to play the bass, choosing the right bass guitar is vital. As a beginner bassist, it can be tricky to navigate the massive variety of makes and models. Ideally, your first bass guitar will have a balance of playability, tonal quality, and affordability. If you like how it looks, plays and sounds, you’ll be encouraged to pick it up and practice.

Our experts have selected a range of basses from top bass guitar brands such as Squier, Ibanez, Jackson and Cort. No matter what kind of bassist you aspire to be, whether that’s a rock bassist picking out thunderous grooves, a future funk maestro with prime slap skills or a metal machine who can activate any mosh pit, we’ve got the right bass guitar to get you on your way.

As well as full-size bass guitars, we offer smaller models that are perfect for children or travelling bassists looking for a portable instrument. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to start playing the bass, our bass guitar packs come with a 4-string bass and essential accessories including a bass amp, gig bag, strap and cable.

At GAK, our aim is to guide you towards the perfect bass for your needs and budget. Once you’ve found your first bass, we can ship it out to you with free next-day delivery (on orders over £149) so you can start learning straight away.

Our team of friendly guitar experts is ready to offer help and advice, from selecting the right beginner bass guitar to choosing the right bass amplifier or accessories to pair with it. Don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our iconic Brighton store to benefit from personalised support in finding the best beginner bass for you.