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Audio Interfaces

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Audio Interfaces

Looking to achieve a crisp recording which captures all the detail of your voice or instrument? Want to record your music at home? Then it’s time to invest in an audio interface. Once commonly known as soundcards, audio interfaces offer the highest level of recording and playback to all levels of musicians, whether in a bedroom or a professional studio.

An audio interface is the middle person between your instrument and your computer. With one in your studio, you’ll be able to capture audio signals from electric guitars, digital pianos, microphones, synthesizers and more. Virtually all audio interfaces feature an XLR input for a microphone with phantom power, a line input for an instrument, outputs for studio monitors and at least one headphone output. Others include features like combi inputs, onboard compressors, emulations of classic mic preamps, ADAT and MIDI connectivity.

Our selection includes products from top audio interface brands like Apogee, Audient, Focusrite, Native Instruments, Universal Audio, SSL and more. For those just starting out with their production journey, we’ve got entry-level interfaces starting under £100, and for advanced producers, we’ve got state-of-the-art equipment worthy of Abbey Road. You can also pick up some high-quality second-hand and b-stock models for those who want more bang for their buck.

We stock a wide range of connection types, including FireWire, Thunderbolt and USB audio interfaces. The most popular audio interface, USB, is perfect for PC and laptop users and is often the most affordable connection type. Many USB interfaces provide bus power, meaning it’ll power the interface as well. FireWire is the next step up from a USB interface and will require you to have a FireWire port to connect to. Finally, Thunderbolt is the highest level of connectivity, boasting extremely low latency (the delay between when you play your instrument and hear it back through the computer) and transfer speeds - perfect for a professional studio project. A lot of modern interfaces are compatible with mobiles, tablets and iOS applications for the on-the-go producer.

If it’s your first time buying an audio interface, you’ll need to know which connection you need before your purchase. Don’t fret, our specialists are always here to help and happy to advise you.

Whether you need help determining which connection you need or have product-specific questions when shopping for a guitar audio interface, our specialists can help and are knowledgeable in all things music. Feel free to contact us online or pop into our music store in Brighton to check out some products.