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In recent years, Ukuleles have made a big comeback in the music scene since their first introduction in Hawaii around the late 19th century. Renowned artists such as Billie Eilish and Dhani Harrison has featured the nimble, softs sound of the compact instrument in their music. At GAK, we supply a variety of Ukuleles types, including Soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone Ukes, so you’re bound to find the one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re just starting or looking for something more professional, our range will have you covered.

Being a main dealer of famous instrument brands, we carry a wide range of Ukes models, ranging from Fender to Epiphone, incorporating their classic guitar designs into stylish takes of the compact folk instrument. Other brands like Cordoba deeply specialise in building high-quality Ukes that vary in tone, while some series like the Yellow Submarine Ukuleles have a bright, quirky appearance and are ideal for beginners wanting a groovy-looking Uke.

Our Ukeleles cover a variety of price points, from the affordable Tiger Ukuleles to the higher-quality Cordoba Electro Ukes. Depending on the sound you want to achieve, our range provides various wooden bodies, sizes, and strings to produce the tones you desire and ensure comfortable playability.

Our range of beginner Ukuleles is suitable for any age and entry-level player. Learning how to play Ukulele has never been so easy, with multiple starter packs with an incredible range of Ukulele Accessories that allow you to play your favourite Ukulele songs in a heartbeat. There are multiple kick-starter packs and accessories available, including the Tiger, Theodore, Mad About, and World Rhythm ranges.

These beginner Ukes are ideal for obtaining uncompromised quality and tone at a lower price, as well as accessories like Ukulele tuners, gig bags, picks, and Ukulele strings.

Knowing how to tune a Ukulele is effortless with the included Ukulele tuners, so you can learn and play without any hassle. With Ukulele strings that are painless to set up, you can begin playing beautiful Ukulele chords and make the most of your new Uke life!

Ukulele Brands:

Cordoba | Epiphone | Fender | Gretsch | Ibanez | Kala | Laka | Mad About | Ovation | Pilgrim | Tanglewood | Theodore | Tiger | Vintage | Yamaha | Yellow Submarine | World Rhythm

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