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Roland - A Legend In Digital Instruments

Since its founding in 1972, Roland has become one of the foremost manufacturers of ground-breaking musical instruments and music technologies. Roland first came to market with the legendary CR-78 drum machine, which was used by iconic artists such as Blondie, Phil Collins and Tears for Fears.

To this day, Roland consistently contributes to the evolution of electronic instruments and are a leading name in the world of synths and digital pianos. So many timeless tracks are built on Roland's synths, including Duran Duran's "Rio", Queen's “Radio Gaga” and Michael Jackson's “Thriller”.

In recent years, Roland has also gone on to revolutionise the electronic drum market with their illustrious V-Drums range.

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Keyboards, Synthesizers & Digital Pianos

Roland keyboards and synths are some of the most influential instruments out there. From ground-breaking digital pianos to world-famous synthesizers, the brand is so commonly used and loved for its versatile sound and quality build.

With a solution for almost any required application, Roland offer instruments for sound design, live performance and studio recording.

Digital Pianos | Synthesizers | Stage Pianos/Keyboards | Workstations | Sound Modules | Combo Organs | Arranger Keyboards

Electronic Drums

Roland’s electronic drums are regarded as one of the best kits on the market, known as V-Drums. Roland’s drum range is renowned for its convenience in compact environments. Aspiring musicians have the opportunity to use plug-in headphones or accompany their kit with recording and effects modules.

For drummers, having access to a sound-proof space can be a challenge. An electronic drum kit is an ideal alternative for those wanting to play the drums without disturbing the neighbours. Electronic drums also expand the number of sounds available to a drummer and provide professional sound and playability.

Acoustic Triggers | Digital Percussion Pads | Monitor Systems | V-Drums | Controller Pedals | Drum Accessories | Hardware & Accessories | Individual Drum/Cymbal Pads | Drum Sound Modules

Interfaces & Recording Devices

Roland’s audio recording equipment comes in a variety of different formats to suit all kinds of recording musicians. Whether you are a bedroom hobbyist, a studio-based producer or a travelling musician Roland has the recording solution for you.

Roland’s interfaces are well favoured for their high-resolution audio and compact, portable sizing. To produce clean audio with low-noise preamps, their interfaces are designed with durable quality metal and high definition mic preamps.

Roland’s portable audio recorders are ideal for conveniently capturing quality audio whilst travelling. They come with built-in tuners/metronomes, multiple inputs and sometimes Bluetooth options. Their recorders are simple to use and compact in size.


The highly acclaimed samplers allow you to create powerful beats, sample fluidly and sequence patterns. Built-in effects are provided to customize your beat-making, along with flexible input options for smooth, quick sampling. Samplers are great way to record and create beats on the move as many as them are battery-powered.

Amplifiers & Instrument Monitors

Roland’s amplifiers and monitors produce various enhanced sounds for different styles, instruments and tones. Offered in compact and portable sizing, each amplifier is made to match your style.

Portable practice amps are ideal for travelling and pre-session jams, while the larger monitors are great for venues and events.

Roland’s amps are available to bassists, guitarists, keyboard players and drummers, specifically for your chosen instrument.

DJ Equipment

As a legend in electronic music, DJs have used Roland hardware instruments to enhance their DJ sets for years. Roland have now joined the DJing community with their range of DJ controllers. Each controller offers the lowest latency platters on the market and are compatible with the popular Serato DJ software.


Roland has an amazing range of accessories including headphones, cables, and drum hardware to accompany your chosen instrument.

Roland offers a wide variety of headphones designed for either V-Drums, mixing or monitoring digital pianos.

The noise-eater pads are a great way to cancel out unwanted noise being heard by your neighbours. Additional stands, pads and pedals let you upgrade your kit to the standard and playability you like.

You’ll find cases, gig bags, hard-cases and dust covers to protect your instruments as well as audio, MIDI and data cables for those essential connections.

All Roland accessories promise the robust build and high quality that they have become renowned for.

Founded in 1972 in Osaka by Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland began manufacturing electric instruments and equipment, their first release being rhythm machines. A year following was their first synthesizer, the SH-1000, and the first-ever touch-sensitive keyboard in 1974 (EP-30). With each year following up with new and unseen products, it helped shape the industry standard of music production.

Digital substitutes for drums and pianos quickly became popular, especially to reach the classic 80s sound at the time. The demand for electric instruments is endlessly growing, Roland now being one of the most successful distributors of instruments worldwide. It is unlikely that any musician hasn’t come across a Roland product!

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