Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth

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Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth

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Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth Overview

The Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth is a 4-voice synth module that packs Roland’s acclaimed ACB technology, a host of performance features and hands-on controls into a portable form factor.

The Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth is the ultimate tool for musicians and producers seeking to push their creative boundaries and achieve a distinctive sound - all at an affordable price point. With its innovative features, intuitive controls, and limitless possibilities, the S-1 is truly a game-changer in the world of synthesizers.

Portable Polysynth

Whether you’re a professional musician, an aspiring producer, or a synth enthusiast, you’re bound to appreciate the Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth. The S-1 is a complete 4-voice polysynth that offers a wide array of sound design capabilities and features in a seriously compact synthesizer. From punchy basses to lush pads to searing leads, the Roland S-1 synth module can do it all and more.

ACB In Your Pocket

What sets the Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth apart from the competition is its advanced ACB technology, which is used to accurately the sonic character of the legendary Roland SH-101 monosynth and expand upon it with 4-voice polyphony. Found in best-selling Roland synths such as the System-8 and JU-06A Boutique module, Roland’s innovative “Analog Circuit Behavior” is used to analyse and recreate the nuances of analogue circuits. The result is all the unmistakable sonic character of analogue synthesis combined with the reliability and portability of digital technology.

Sound Design Potential

Roland equips the S-1 with powerful sound design tools such as OSC Drawing for custom waveform creation, and OSC Chop with Overtone and Comb for generating rich harmonics. These unique features allow you to explore new sonic territories and create sounds that are truly your own.

With its onboard controls for oscillators, filters, ADSR envelopes and effects, the S-1 synth module lets you shape your sound with precision and finesse, enabling the creation of captivating sonic textures and dynamic performances.

Inspiring Performance Features

The moment you start using the Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth, you’ll notice how its array of performance tools, such as D-Motion, Step Loop, Arpeggio, and Riser, unlock your creative potential and elevate your music-making experience. Designed to inspire, the S-1’s jammable pattern transposition and advanced programming options, including a 64-step sequencer with adjustable parameters, offer endless possibilities for experimentation and expression.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

The Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth is not just a powerful standalone instrument; it also functions as a versatile and compact MIDI controller, transmitting both notes and CC messages. Its comprehensive connectivity options, including audio, MIDI, sync I/O, and AIRA Link, make it the perfect addition to any studio or live setup.

Realise Your Vision

Picture yourself crafting intricate electronic beats, composing lush ambient soundscapes, or even adding a touch of synth magic to your indie rock tracks – the Roland AIRA S-1 Tweak Synth’s adaptability makes it the ideal tool for any musical endeavour. With its lithium-ion battery providing up to 4.5 hours of operation per charge, you can take your creativity wherever you go.

Compact and Powerful

The Roland S-1 synth module is a member of the AIRA Compact range, a series of ACB-powered synth modules. All of the AIRA Compact modules, including the S-1, are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other.

Whether you’re combining the S-1 to the 808-flavoured beats of the T-8 Beat Machine or the Juno-inspired J-6 Chord Synth, getting clocked in and synced up couldn’t be easier. If you want to go DAWless, the AIRA Compact range is a powerful, portable and affordable option.

The AIRA Compact Case

The CB-RAC AIRA Compact Case is the perfect way to keep your S-1 Tweak Synth safe and sound between sessions. It features a durable semi-rigid EVA shell, double heavy-duty zippers and a handy internal mesh pocket for storing cables.

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Rated 5.00 out of 5 10/8/2023

Lovely match with my T8.


Rated 5.00 out of 5 01/6/2023

Great synth for the price


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