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Beginner Electric Guitars

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Welcome to GAK’s range of beginner electric guitars. Designed to ignite your passion for music, these instruments offer an exceptional first experience in the thrilling world of electric guitar.

Choosing the right guitar at the start of your musical journey is pivotal. At GAK, we understand the challenges of learning and selecting your first electric guitar. Our goal is to simplify your early steps, ensuring a fun and rewarding start to your musical exploration. You might be a budding Hendrix, a shredder-in-the-making who wants to get their Van Halen licks down or aspiring the tight funk rhythms of Nile Rodgers. Whatever kind of guitarist you want to be, we’ve got the right electric guitar to start your playing journey.

Our guitar specialists have selected an array of instruments from top beginner guitar brands including Squier, Epiphone, Ibanez, Yamaha, Jet Guitars, and Cort. Combining comfortable playability, sleek design, electrifying sound, and an affordable price point, these guitars will inspire you to play, practice and develop your guitar skills.

Our wide beginner electric guitars cater to a variety of styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a vintage-inspired Squier Stratocaster, a rock-ready Epiphone Les Paul or the elegant playability of an Ibanez RG, our range of beginner guitars caters to every playing style.

With GAK, your musical voyage goes beyond buying your first guitar. Our friendly and knowledgeable guitar specialists are on standby to provide expert advice, from helping you select the perfect beginner electric guitar to advising on the right amp or effects pedals to pair it with. Contact us or visit our iconic Brighton store today to benefit and let us guide you to finding your new companion. Step into exciting the world of electric guitars with GAK.