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As the leading guitar store in the UK, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and wide range of products. The selection of acoustic guitars we have on sale are no different. Whether you are looking to buy your first instrument or a pro looking to upgrade to something special, we can help.

Guitars are one of the world’s most popular instruments and many people start their journey with an acoustic guitar. With no need for an amp or any extra equipment, you can just pick up an acoustic guitar and play, whether you want to impress an audience or are songwriting at home.

We offer an extensive range of acoustic guitars that are ideal for a range of guitarists, from beginners to seasoned professionals. With electro-acoustic guitars, classical guitars, dreadnought body guitars, parlours and even travel guitars available, you can find the right model for your style. We also offer a range of different size acoustic guitars including half and ¾ models perfect for new players or those with smaller hands. And lefties need not worry as we have some great left-handed guitars, including left-handed acoustic guitars, in stock too.

If it’s a certain name you’ve got your eye on, we stock a range of brands including Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Epiphone, Taylor, Yamaha, Ibanez, Squier and many, many more. We’ve got models that cater to all budgets. Whether you’re looking for cheap acoustic guitars to get a feel for the instrument starting out or are a seasoned pro looking for a world-class instrument, we’ll help find the right one for you.

With one of the widest selections of acoustic guitars in the UK, we’re always on hand to pair you up with the perfect one. We also stock all the essential acoustic guitar accessories you could want, including guitar strings, pedalboards, guitar amps, guitar stands, guitar straps and guitar cases.

Not sure what’s right for you? Feel free to contact our guitar specialists to talk through your needs or visit our Brighton guitar store where you can get a feel for some of the makes and models.

What is the difference between an acoustic and an electric guitar?

Acoustic guitars have hollow bodies that amplify sound naturally, while electric guitars require amplification and are equipped with electronics such as electromagnetic pickups. Also, many electric guitars feature a solid body design to increase sustain and reduce feedback. An electric guitar is a lot more versatile sonically whilst an acoustic guitar is more immediate. Electro-acoustic guitars are equipped with pickups, allowing them to be amplified during gigs and recording sessions.

Electric guitars tend to be easier to play, thanks to their thinner necks and lower action (where the strings are closer to the fretboard, reducing the pressure you need to fret notes).

How much does a good acoustic guitar cost?

A good acoustic guitar can range from £100 to £500 for beginners, while a higher-end model such as a Martin D-28 or a Gibson Hummingbird can cost significantly more but deliver the tone and playability a professional player would expect.

How do I choose the right acoustic guitar for me?

To choose the right acoustic guitar, consider your skill level, budget, preferred music genre and body size. Test multiple guitars, focusing on comfort, playability and sound quality. If you head down to our Brighton store, you can receive expert advice from our guitar team and get hands-on with our wide selection of acoustic guitars.

What are some popular acoustic guitar brands?

Popular acoustic guitar brands include Taylor Guitars, Martin, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ovation, Tanglewood and Yamaha.

How do I properly maintain and care for my acoustic guitar?

Keep your guitar clean, store it in a case, avoid extreme temperatures and humidity and change strings regularly to maintain your acoustic guitar.

What type of strings should I use for my acoustic guitar?

Keep your guitar clean, store it in a case, avoid extreme temperatures and humidity and change strings regularly to maintain your acoustic guitar.

Can I use an amplifier with my acoustic guitar?

Yes, acoustic-electric guitars or acoustic guitars with pickups can be connected to an amplifier, usually, an acoustic amplifier that’s voiced especially for the instrument, or a PA system for increased volume and sound control.

What are the best acoustic guitar techniques for beginners?

Beginners should focus on basic chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking techniques and simple songs to build a strong foundation in acoustic guitar playing.

How can I improve my fingerpicking on an acoustic guitar?

To improve fingerpicking, practice exercises focusing on finger independence, hand positioning and alternating thumb technique. Start slowly and gradually increase speed as you gain confidence and accuracy.

How often should I change the strings on my acoustic guitar?

The frequency of changing strings depends on factors like playing time, personal preferences and environmental conditions. Typically, every 3 to 6 months is a good rule of thumb for most players.