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Guitar Stands

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A guitar stand is an essential companion for your beloved instrument. Guitar stands let you display your instruments safely at gigs, at home or in the studio. Whether you need guitar hangers for your collection or a floor stand for quick access to a backup guitar at a show or a guitar rack for touring, our great selection of will have what you’re looking for.

A guitar stand is an incredibly useful accessory that every guitarist should own. Constantly storing your guitars in their case or gig bag and tired of getting them out every time you want to play? Still leaning your expensive Gibson, Fender or PRS against your amp (where it’ll eventually fall over and receive a nasty dent)? Guitar stands allow you to keep your guitar out and ready to be played at a moment’s notice whilst keeping it in a secure, stable position.

There’s a guitar stand for practically every kind of electric guitar, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. There are also a few types of stand to consider, including wall mounts that are perfect for your home’s guitar wall, multi-guitar stands (also known as guitar racks) and folding floor stands that are ideal for the gigging guitarist.

Having trouble choosing an electric guitar stand? Thinking about some guitar wall hangers for your home studio? Deciding between stands and hangers? Head down to our iconic Brighton store, where our friendly and knowledgeable guitar experts are ready to take you through our range of guitar stands. You can also contact us online, over the phone and via email.

We proudly stock all the best-selling guitar stand brands, including Hercules, Fender, Taylor Guitars, D’Addario and Tiger. In addition to guitar stands, we also offer other essential guitar accessories and companion products including guitar amps, guitar straps, pedal boards and strings - everything you need to complete your setup.

Do I need a guitar stand?

It’s well worth owning a guitar stand, where you just play at home or are touring across the world. Guitar stands and guitar hangers mean you can keep your instrument out and ready for action, without precariously leaning it against an amp, desk or other available surfaces.

How much does a guitar stand cost?

The price of a guitar stand depends on what type you go for. Floor stands are usually the most affordable form of guitar stand whilst a guitar rack stand designed to hold multiple guitars is often more expensive. Premium brands such as Hercules command a higher price thanks to their road-ready, bulletproof build quality.

Are guitar stands bad for your guitar?

Whilst the safest place to store your guitar is in a hard case, a guitar stand is the best place to keep your guitar if you want to have it out. A high-quality stand is designed to make sure no stress affects parts of the guitar such as the neck. Two things to bear in mind when storing your guitar on a stand is the humidity of your room and if your guitar has a nitrocellulose finish, to make sure the stand’s material is nitro-safe.