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Taylor Guitars are widely regarded as one of the world's finest and most prestigious makers of acoustic guitars. They have been at the forefront of guitar design and construction for over 40 years and have been granted numerous patents for various proprietary technologies. All of these patents have been developed to get more out of the guitars they build and have led to Taylor Guitars' awesome reputation for both playability and incredible tone, whether plugged in or played acoustically.

Based in El Cajon, California, they have designed and pioneered some of the most innovative new practices in guitar building. Taylor like to view things a little differently and will regularly break the mould with new practices that yield better results in terms of tone and playability. In the States selected Taylor models like the 114ce and 814ce are routinely the top-selling guitars in each of their respective price brackets, month-in, month-out.

Taylor are so proud and assured by the consistency of their manufacturing and QC processes that every new Taylor Guitar is backed by a limited 12 year warranty.

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