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Here at GAK, we have the largest line-up of products you’ll find at any guitar shop in the UK. Whether you choose to shop online or in our iconic Brighton guitar store, we’ll be able to help you buy the guitar of your dreams.

Guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world and whether you are a novice player or are an established musician looking for an upgrade, we can help you buy a guitar to suit your needs and budget. At GAK, we’re proud to offer the most extensive range of models of any UK guitar shop, including iconic models like the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul and SG.

Whether it’s an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar you’re looking for, you’ll find a plethora of both premium and affordable options to choose from.

Our selection includes the market’s most popular and trusted names like Fender, Squier, Gibson, Epiphone, Gretsch, Taylor Guitars, Yamaha, Ibanez and many, many more. We are also proud to support smaller, boutique manufacturers such as Valenti Guitars and Macmull, letting us offer you both the biggest names and most unique guitars online. Lefties are catered for with our impressive assortment of left-handed guitars, which includes left-handed electric guitars, left-handed acoustic guitars and left-handed bass guitars.

As well as offering a diverse choice of guitars, we can supply you with any accessories you need including guitar strings, pedalboards, guitar amps, guitar stands, guitar straps and guitar cases.

Our experts are always on hand to offer advice on your purchase or if you cannot find the model you’re looking for, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What are the different types of guitars?

There are three main types of guitars: acoustic, electric and classical. Acoustic guitars produce sound through a hollow body and are often used in folk, country and pop music. Electric guitars require an amplifier and are used in many music genres, including pop, rock, metal, blues and jazz. Classical guitars are acoustic instruments with nylon strings and flat fretboards that are used for classical music and flamenco.

How much does a good guitar cost?

A good guitar can cost anywhere from £100 to over £1,000, depending on the brand, materials and craftsmanship. Beginners can find quality instruments for around £100 - £300, while professional-quality models can be £500 and up.

What is the best guitar brand for beginners?

Popular brands for beginners include Yamaha, Squier, Epiphone and Ibanez, as they offer affordable, quality instruments with good playability and sound.

How do I choose the right guitar for me?

Consider your preferred music genre, budget and skill level. Test as many different guitars as you can for comfort, sound and playability and consult with experienced guitarists (such as those in our guitar department) for advice.

What are the best acoustic guitars for beginners?

The best acoustic guitars for beginners are those that offer a combination of affordability, playability and quality sound. Look for well-established brands known for producing reliable and beginner-friendly instruments. It’s important to find a guitar that feels comfortable to hold and play while still offering great value for money.

Popular brands that make affordable, beginner-friendly acoustic guitars include Fender, Epiphone, Tanglewood, Yamaha and Ibanez.

What is the difference between a solid top and a laminate top guitar?

A solid top guitar is made from a single piece of wood, providing a richer and more resonant sound. Laminate top guitars use multiple layers of wood, making them more affordable and durable but with a slightly less vibrant tone.

How often should I change my guitar strings?

It depends on how often you play and your personal preference. Generally, change your strings every 3-4 months for casual players and every 4-6 weeks for frequent players or those who prefer a brighter sound.

What are the best electric guitars for beginners?

The best electric guitars for beginners are those that combine playability, quality sound and affordability. Consider well-known brands such as Squier, Epiphone and Ibanez that have a reputation for producing reliable and beginner-friendly instruments. The key is to find an electric guitar that feels comfortable to hold and play, which will help you develop your skills with confidence.

It’s important to choose a guitar that you like the look of. The more it appeals to you aesthetically, the more you’ll want to pick it up and play it.

Also, if you’re lucky enough to have the budget for something like an American-made Fender or Gibson for your first guitar, go for a high-end instrument over one that’s more affordable. As well as playing and sounding fantastic, it’ll retain more of its value in case you decide to stop playing and want to sell it.

How do I tune a guitar?

You can use an electronic tuner, a tuning app, or tune by ear using a reference pitch from another instrument such as a piano or tone generator. The standard tuning for a guitar is E-A-D-G-B-E, from the lowest to the highest string. One way you can remember the notes a guitar is tuned to is by using the mnemonic “Eric Always Drinks Gin Before Eating”. Feel free to come up with your own!

If you can get the Low E string in tune, you can use it to tune the other strings. Fret the 5th fret on the Low E string and tune the A string to that note. Start by detuning or lowering the A string, then gradually raising the pitch with the tuning until the Low E and A sound the same. This works for every string except the B string, where you need to fret the 4th fret (instead of the 5th) on the G string to get the same note.

What are some essential guitar accessories?

Some essential accessories include a guitar strap, tuner, capo, picks, extra strings, a guitar stand and a case or gig bag for protection and transport. If you’re playing the electric guitar, you’ll need a guitar amplifier and an instrument cable to connect the amp to your guitar. If your amp has a headphone output, a pair of headphones will allow you to practice quietly.