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Macmull Custom Guitars

World-class electric guitars that present a fresh take on classic designs, lovingly and expertly crafted in Israel.

Macmull Custom Guitars is an Israeli-based guitar company founded on a serious passion for music, guitars and craftsmanship. From their workshop in Jerusalem, Macmull Custom Guitars build and design some of the finest electric guitars in the world. Macmull Custom Guitars are firm believers in the spiritual bond between a guitarist and their instrument. Their dedication to elevating this connection is a key part of what separates a Macmull guitar from the pack. Thanks to a meticulous and exacting construction process that’s been refined over a number of years, you can count on any guitar with Macmull on the headstock to look, play and sound truly exceptional. Superb clarity, expressive dynamic range, tight bass, defined mids and rich, complex harmonics are the hallmarks of the Macmull tone.

Whilst a lot of boutique electric guitars are adorned with luxurious add-ons or sport exotic tonewoods, Macmull crafts beautifully simple, player-focused instruments without frills. These are professional-quality guitars built by pro-musicians who understand what discerning players need. All Macmull guitars are made to make music instead of being hung up on the wall or left in a case. If you’re looking for an instrument that captures the mythical character of a Fullerton-era guitar and brings it into the modern age, we highly recommend getting your hands on a Macmull.


The S-Classic authentically delivers the astounding versatility, inviting playability and tonal complexity of a prized Golden Era instrument. It’s more than a recreation of a classic double-cut, it’s a true reinvigoration. Each S-Classic delivers the airiness, depth and dynamics that make vintage S-type guitars so sought-after.


The T-Classic pairs a truly timeless single-cut design with Macmull’s innovative RVT-System. The result is a jaw-dropping T-type that gives you that elusive vintage tone with the consistent performance and reliability of a contemporary electric guitar. With any Macmull T-Classic, you’ll experience fat, juicy highs and tight bass response.


The Heartbreaker is the result of extensive research and expert craftsmanship, using the legendary T-type as its foundation and remastering it. Don’t be fooled by its classic looks, every element of the Heartbreaker has been refined for a musically rich and inspiring playing experience. Macmull offers the Heartbreaker with single-coils, P-90s and humbuckers.


The Stinger is an original Macmull design and is offered at a more affordable price point. This workhorse double-cut is a unique fusion of California and Kalamazoo, with a chameleonic tone that can cut through a mix with ease. Within the Stinger’s simple control scheme, a universe of incredible tones is at your fingertips. Macmull presents the Stinger with dual P-90 pickups or with T-style single-coils.

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