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The Gibson Les Paul is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most iconic, important and influential musical instruments the world has ever seen. Since its inception back in 1952 the Gibson Les Paul has evolved into many and various iterations, and has found its place in innumerable classic records old and new across any genre you can think of from Jazz to Pop to the heaviest of Heavy Metal. There are now so many different versions of the guitar you may well ask yourself 'Which Gibson Les Paul should I buy?' From the Les Paul Standard to the Les Paul Special, the Les Paul Studio to the Gibson Tribute models. There is definitely a guitar that is right for you regardless of the genre of music you are into, your budget or your playing ability. If you are looking to buy a Gibson or Epiphone then look no further because you are in exactly the right place. Our range of Les Pauls and the number of guitars we hold in stock is absolutely second to none, including a wide range of vintage and pre-loved instruments, left and right hand. Moreover, our expert sales team are on hand to guide you through the whole process to find the Gibson Les Paul that is perfect for all of your wants, needs, and your budget. If you think the instrument you want is out of your reach, we have a wide range of flexible finance options that will allow you to achieve the dream. What are you waiting for!

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