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Headphones are essential for casual and professional audiophiles allowing you to listen to audio from a multitude of different devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, mixers and more. Headphones can be a great asset to studio users who are mixing music, monitoring when singing into a microphone or recording podcasts. More recently, they have become a fashion accessory and standard piece of equipment for gym goers, fitness enthusiasts and runners. At GAK, you are bound to find exactly what you need as we stock an extensive range of headphones, from in-ears for casual listening to premium closed-back headphones for studio monitoring. 

Our stock includes all major internationally-recognised brands such as Sennheiser, M-Audio, Alesis, Audio-Technica, Pioneer, AKG, KRK, Shure, Numark and many many more - all available for fast delivery. We have a large selection of headphones from studio headphones to fashion headphones, ranging from closed back, to in-ears, to open back and Headphone amplifiers.