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Arranger Keyboards

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Arranger keyboards are versatile instruments that offer a wide range of sounds, accompaniment styles and performance features, making them perfect for musicians who want to be a one-person orchestra.

Arranger keyboards are designed to provide a comprehensive music-making experience, with built-in rhythms, accompaniments and sound libraries to inspire your creativity. These instruments are perfect for composers, songwriters and performers alike, allowing you to create complete arrangements with ease.

Discover our extensive range of arranger keyboards from renowned brands including Yamaha, Korg and Roland. Whether you’re a beginner keyboardist or a professional composer, GAK has the ideal arranger keyboard to suit your needs and preferences. Browse our online store and benefit from our competitive prices and fast, reliable next-day delivery service.

At GAK, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of arranger keyboards at various price points, ensuring that every musician can find the perfect instrument to fit their budget and requirements. In addition, we stock a wide range of essential accessories for your arranger keyboard, including cables, keyboard amplifiers, headphones, keyboard stands and piano benches.

Visit our Brighton store to try out our arranger keyboards and contact us to receive expert advice from our knowledgeable team.

What is an arranger keyboard?

An arranger keyboard is a type of electronic keyboard that features built-in accompaniment styles and a sequencer for creating and arranging music.

Some common features on arranger keyboards include automatic accompaniment styles, built-in drum machines, sequencers, MIDI connectivity, and built-in effects.

What is an arranger keyboard for?

Arranger keyboards allow musicians to quickly create full arrangements and accompany themselves with a variety of styles and sounds. They are also useful for live performances and songwriting.

What are some common features found on arranger keyboards?

Common features on arranger keyboards include built-in rhythms, accompaniment styles, sound libraries, effects and sequencers.

What is the difference between an arranger keyboard and a normal keyboard?

An arranger keyboard has additional features like built-in rhythms and accompaniments, while a normal keyboard is usually a lot simpler, focussing on providing a smaller quantity of high-quality sounds. Many keyboardists and people looking to learn the piano don’t need the extended sonic possibilities of an arranger keyboard.

Are arranger keyboards good?

Arranger keyboards can be an excellent choice for musicians who want a versatile instrument for composing, songwriting and performing complete arrangements.

Are arranger keyboards suitable for beginners?

Arranger keyboards can be suitable for beginners, but they can also be quite complex and require some learning to master. It’s important to choose a model with a user-friendly interface and basic features to start with.

What types of music are arranger keyboards best suited for?

Arranger keyboards are well-suited for various music styles, including pop, rock, jazz and classical music.

How do I choose the right arranger keyboard for my needs?

To choose the right arranger keyboard, consider factors such as your skill level, budget, preferred features and the type of music you want to create or perform.