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Studio Monitors For Mixing And Playback

Studio monitors are the go-to choice for producers, engineers, and sound designers looking for truly accurate sound reproduction. When you’re mixing and monitoring sound, the studio speakers you’re using must produce a flat frequency response. In other words, they shouldn’t add bottom, mid or top-end like hi-fi or PA speakers may do.

You want an honest reproduction of your sound so you can hear all the little details and subtle nuances within your audio, allowing you to mix accurately. Get your mix right on studio speakers and you can be confident that it will sound good when played through systems that add more colour. When it comes to professional audio recording, a pair of studio monitors are essential alongside an audio interface and your favoured digital audio workstation (DAW).

We stock active speakers, passive speakers, studio amplifiers from all the best-selling brands, including KRK, Adam, Genelec, Focal, Yamaha, Pioneer DJ, M-Audio, Avantone and plenty more!

Studio Monitoring


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Studio Monitoring