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Squier - Guitar, Bass and More

When Fender bought the Squier company in 1965, it opened a door for aspiring musicians who desire the high-quality sound of Fender all at a lower price. Squier has released their own line of guitar and bass alongside the lower-cost Fender’s. Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, Squier has a wide range of series available. Various series such as the Bullet, Affinity, Classic Vibe and Paranormal Series are available in the Squier range, helping you choose the style and sound that suits you all at a convenient price.

The Range

Bullet Series | Classic Vibe | Affinity Series | Paranormal Series | Artist Series | Factory Special Run| Deluxe Series | Vintage Reissue Series | Acoustic Guitar | Guitar Accessories

Electric Guitars

The Stratocaster is one of the most popular guitars of all time; a classic look with incredibly versatile sound. The Squier version keeps what made the Fender Strat famous at a convenient price. Offered with a range of pickup configurations with each series, comfortable playability and stylish curves.

The Telecaster is known for its bright vintage tone, also referred to as the ‘Tele-Twang’. From blues to punk, and reggae, musicians involved in various genres have favoured the Tele for its flexible sound.

The Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars offer a unique shape and sound that is highly recognised within the indie and grunge genre. Other guitars such as the Starcaster and the Paranormal series include hybrids of vintage Fender shapes with incredible tones and more.

Bass Guitars

The Squier bass guitars pay tribute to the well-loved Fender bass guitars, popular with beginners to professional players alike. The Precision Bass produces a massive tone with its Fender-designed alcino split-coil pick up, along with its vintage-inspired shape available in the Classic Vibe Series.

Other bass guitars like Jaguar, Jazz and Mustang are available within the Squier series, so you find your perfect style and sound at a cost-efficient price.

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Squier was founded in the late 1800s by Jerome Squier and was passed down to his son Victor Carroll Squier. The V.C. Squier Company specialised in violin making and repair. By 1900, Victor began making violin strings at a much quicker and affordable price. Squier quickly became popular for their high-quality strings offered at a low price.

Up until the 60s, Squier was creating strings for new and evolving instruments, along with selling music-related products and devices. When Fender’s electric instruments appeared in the 50s, Squier began providing Fender with their guitar strings and became their equipment manufacturer. It wasn’t long until Fender bought the company, and in 1982 introduced the Squier guitars.

To compete against Japan’s production of low-cost replicas, Fender moved to Japan to create their inexpensive line of guitars. Having to meet the demand for low-cost guitars, Fender moved their production of Squier guitars around Asia. Squier became incredibly successful, now being one of the biggest manufacturers of guitar and bass worldwide.



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