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Squier Affinity Series

Squier Affinity Electric Guitar & Bass Series

The perfect instrument to start to playing electric guitar or bass.

The Squier Affinity Series is a great option for the budding guitarist in your life that’s looking for their first guitar or bass. This range has great electric guitars for beginners that want to learn guitar, with classic models that will make them look cool, sound great, are easy to play, all at an affordable price.

While many naturally think an acoustic guitar is the best place to start for beginners, an electric guitar can be an equally great place to start, if not better. The ‘lighter’ strings of an electric guitar make it great for beginners as it won’t hurt their fingers as much as the thicker strings on an acoustic guitar, and an electric guitar can also be plugged into an amp allowing you to get a wider range of sounds by adjusting the settings, with distortion and overdrive being the sound many beginner learners want to have. Most electric guitars tend to be more ergonomic too, especially in the case of the ever-popular Stratocaster which has a contoured body, making it more comfortable to play.

There are also Squier Affinity packs available that have everything you need to start playing right away - so you don’t need to spend time researching and shopping for all the accessories separately, which is handy if you don’t know much about guitars.

This series combines a reliable brand with affordable options of classic guitars, such as the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, and Starcaster, as well as a range of bass guitars for beginners, including the Bronco, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, Jazz Bass V, and the new Jaguar Bass. The series has received its first update since 2017, with improved features and new colours.

What makes these an upgrade from another entry-level series, the Squier Bullet range, is the higher-quality parts in the guitars. The Squier Bullet series use Basswood for the body and ceramic pickups - materials that keep the cost low. The Affinity series uses Alder and Poplar bodies and higher-quality pickups, which play a huge part in the sound quality.


Electric Guitars:
Stratocaster | Telecaster | Jazzmaster | Starcaster

Bass Guitars:
Jazz | Jazz V | Precision | Jaguar | Bronco

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Squier Affinity Series


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