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Pioneer DJ

The industry leading name in DJing, seen in clubs and venues across the world.

Pioneer DJ are by far the most famous name when it comes to DJ Equipment. Almost every club and events venue use their gear and some of the biggest DJs in the world play exclusively Pioneer DJ equipment.

Whether you are a DJ that performs in clubs, a hobbyist performing in local pubs/events or a producer of EDM, Techno, D’n’B, Hip Hop or any other electronic music genre, Pioneer DJ offers a range of products that suit your needs.

The Range:

DJ Players | DJ Mixers | DJ Controllers | All-in-One DJ System

Turntables | Production | Speakers | Headphones | Accessories

Why Pioneer DJ?

Pioneer DJ have established itself as the market leader in the DJ market, and by some margin. Their products are renowned for being intuitive and easy to use, as all Pioneer DJ equipment is built for DJs, by DJs.

The success of Pioneer DJ has been built on their relentless commitment to working alongside DJs to best develop the industry. By working directly with DJs, right down to the grassroots level, Pioneer DJ have been able to not only provide flagship products to power elite DJs sets but also educate and introduce new DJs to the community.

A Product For All Music Creators

DJ Equipment/Application

Since they launched the world’s first CDJ player in 1994, the CDJ-500, Pioneer DJ have been highly regarded by DJs, clubs and event organizers around the world and for over a quarter-century. Pioneer DJ aim to provide a lineup that will satisfy all types of DJ, whether that be a Professional DJ, Hobbyist or Producer.

Music Production Equipment

Pioneer DJ understand that the DJ world is forever changing and developing, with musicians taking on a much wider variety of skills and music creating techniques than ever before. With their Production equipment, Pioneer DJ have created intuitive and forward-thinking products that encourage DJs, Producers and Live Performers to seamlessly work together and concentrate on making music. All Pioneer DJ Production Equipment is designed for both music production in studios and live performance.

Audio Equipment

Whether you are a performing artist, studio producer or bedroom hobbyist, everyone needs reliable and high-quality equipment to hear their music. It seems obvious, though there’s nothing worse than a buzzing speaker, headphones with on-ear working or a PA System that doesn’t shake the venue. Pioneer DJ, as well as their main product lines, have taken the build quality and exceptional level of detail to their Headphones, Monitors and PA Speakers ranges too. No matter the environment you choose to make music in, Pioneer DJ have the Audio Solution for you.


Formed in 1994, Pioneer brought their first products to market and have revolutionised the DJ world ever since. It wasn’t until 2015 where Pioneer DJ became it’s own identity, largely due to the overwhelming success of Pioneer’s early DJ products, justifying having a dedicated business for the DJ category.

Pioneer DJ are used by the most successful DJs/Producers in music. huge artists that use their gear include; Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, KiNK, DJ Sneak, Pete Tong, DJ EZ, DJ A.MC, Friction, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, David Guetta, James Zabiela, Goldfrapp, Swedish House Mafia and many many more.

Here’s What Pioneer Say:

“Our core business, the DJ and club equipment business, has passed its 25-year milestone. In all this time, while enjoying a strong reputation among the world’s top DJs and club professionals, our philosophy has always been to provide our customers with “wonder and emotion.” In recent years, there’s been an increase in the number of people who want to become professional DJs, as well as those who enjoy DJing with their friends and take it up as a hobby. We’ll continue to offer a range of DJ equipment and applications tailored for these customers too. We aim to push ahead with innovative product development, design, and sales, so we can continue to lead the industry.”

Pioneer DJ

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