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Looking for the perfect left-handed bass guitar? At GAK, we offer a wide selection of left-handed bass guitars from top brands, including Fender, Ibanez and Yamaha. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have the perfect left-handed bass guitar for you.

At GAK, we understand that finding the right left-handed bass guitar can be challenging. That’s why we offer a huge variety of left-handed bass guitars to suit all playing styles and budgets. From classic 4-string basses from Fender and Squier to high-performance 5-string left-handed bass guitars, we have it all.

Our left-handed bass guitar selection includes the Fender Precision Bass, one of the most iconic bass guitars in history. It’s perfect for players looking for a workhorse instrument that feels and sounds superb. Squier also offers a left-handed version of the P-Bass, offering left-handed bassists timeless Fender style and tone at a more affordable price point.

If you need help finding your perfect left-handed bass guitar, you can contact us or visit our Brighton store to receive friendly, expert advice on your purchase. We also offer free UK delivery on many of our left-handed bass guitars as well as essential accessories such as bass amplifiers, strings and cables so you’ll have everything you need to start playing.

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Which brands make left-handed basses?

Popular bass brands such as Fender, Squier, Steinberger, ESP, Guild and Hofner build left-handed versions of their bass guitars.

Can you play bass guitar left-handed?

Yes, you can play a bass guitar left-handed. In fact, many famous bass players, including Paul McCartney and Sting, play left-handed bass guitars.

Can you turn a right-handed bass into a left-handed bass?

It’s possible to convert a right-handed bass into a left-handed bass, but it’s not recommended. The process involves reversing the strings and adjusting the bridge and nut. It’s best to buy a left-handed bass guitar that’s specifically designed for left-handed players, especially if you’re a beginner with no experience setting up instruments.

Are left-handed basses more expensive?

Left-handed basses can be more expensive than right-handed basses as they are produced in lower numbers. This can lead to an increased manufacturing cost.

What is the difference between a left and right-hand bass guitar?

The main difference between a left-handed bass guitar and a right-handed bass guitar is the orientation of the strings. A left-handed bass guitar is strung upside down compared to a right-handed bass guitar, so the low E string is closest to the floor and the high G string is closest to the ceiling when the bass is held like a right-handed one.

An electric left-handed bass guitar will also have the controls on the other side, providing a more intuitive and accessible layout for left-handed bassists.

Who are famous left-handed bass players?

Some famous left-handed bass players include Paul McCartney, Sting and Tony Franklin. MonoNeon, a leading modern bass player with a signature Fender model, is left-handed and opts to play a right-handed bass guitar upside down.