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Active Monitors for Studio and Live

Whether you’re a budding bedroom producer or running a professional recording studio, active monitors are an essential ingredient. A quality pair of active monitors can inspire and help you craft the most accurate mix possible. If you want your music to translate across a wide range of listening setups - from car speakers to TVs - you’ll need a set of active monitors. Active studio monitors are also a great choice for casual music listening, too, as they tend to deliver a superior sonic experience.

An active studio monitor is a lot more convenient and easy to use than a passive monitor, as everything you need to get going is built in. No external amps or crossovers are needed. Power it on, plug it in and you’re good to go. Another advantage of an active monitor is that the internal amplifier has been specially matched to the speaker, resulting in optimal audio performance.

You can’t go wrong with any of our best-sellers, including KRK’s Rokit, Adam Audio’s T, Yamaha’s HS, PreSonus’ Eris, M-Audio’s BX and Mackie’s CR series. We also have plenty of premium, high-end monitors, including Focal’s SM6, Genelec’s 8000 and Neumann’s KH series.

Here at GAK, we stock a wide selection of active studio monitors across a range of price points so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pair for you - no matter the size of your studio space or budget.

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