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Fender & Squier Telecaster

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Since its inception in the 1950s, the “Tele”, as it’s lovingly known, has become a music icon in its own right.

Developed by Leo Fender, the Telecaster, initially known as the Esquire and later the Broadcaster, was the first commercially available solid-body electric guitar. Whilst other manufacturers had experimented with solidbody guitar designs, the Tele was the first to make a major impact. It was simple to manufacture, played easily and had a stylish look that kids in the fifties adored. The distinctive headstock and iconic George Fullerton-designed single-cutaway body give this guitar probably the most recognisable silhouette on the market.

In addition to its distinctive look, the Fender Tele is beloved for its signature sound - the “Tele twang”. The bridge design and dual single-coil pickup configuration play a major role in the Tele’s classic sound profile. Whilst the Telecaster is wonderfully simple in its design, it’s also incredibly versatile. Despite only having three tone settings available - neck pickup, bridge pickup and a combination of the two - this guitar can easily transition from warm and mellow to bright and cutting.

Don’t just take our word for it. With the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, The Edge, Tom Morello and many more reaching for this model in their careers, it’s no wonder the Telecaster guitar is so iconic.

From the Mexican-made Player series to premium American Original and American Ultra models, our wide range of Teles caters to all players and price points. Whatever your budget or your needs, you can enjoy the classic vibe of this iconic guitar. We even have a large selection of left-handed models available for the southpaws out there.

If you’re starting your electric guitar journey and want to experience the classic feel and sound of the Fender Tele on a budget, the Squier Telecaster is a great choice. From the beginner-friendly Bullet and Affinity series to the acclaimed Classic Vibe and Paranormal ranges, there’s a Squier Tele for everyone. Offering the most affordable version of this classic design, Squier offers an entry to the Fender family without lacking in quality or sound.

If you are looking for something unique, look no further than the Fender Custom Shop. Whether you’re a seasoned band member that wants a world-class instrument or a hobbyist searching for the pride of their collection, these limited edition Teles are second-to-none.

Whether your heart is set on a Tele, or you aren’t sure which electric guitar is right for your needs, our experts are always on hand to help. As the UK’s leading guitar shop, we can offer first-hand recommendations and personalised advice to help you find the model of your dreams.

Alternatively, visit our Brighton guitar store to get a feel for the guitars and speak to someone in person.