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Left-Handed Guitars - Electric, Acoustic, Folk Instruments and Basses!

Our complete selection of Left-Handed Stringed Instruments.

Why should right-handed guitar players have all the fun? The world can be hard enough on lefties, whether that’s trying the write over an uncomfortable ring bound pad, using a can-opener or using a tape measure with upside-down numbers. We’ve made it easier for you to find all the instruments a left-handed guitarist could ever need.

Whether you are looking for Left-Handed Electric Guitars, Left Handed Electro-Acoustic Guitars, Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars, Left Handed Basses or Left Handed Folk Instruments, we have plenty in stock and available for next day despatch. With offerings from all the most popular brands, including Fender, Squier, Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, Ibanez, Taylor, Martin, Cordoba and many more!

If you are buying your first guitar and weren’t aware that it’s important to know your dominant hand in the music world, it does! When playing the guitar, you see one hand presses the strings and the other performs the rhythm. Typically your leading hand, the one you write with, is the hand used for playing rhythm and your “weak” hand is used for “fretting” the notes on the fretboard of the guitar.

Why does this matter? Well, the strings on a guitar are of different thicknesses and the further away from the body you go, the lower the note you hear. When a left-handed person picks up a “normal” guitar, it feels natural to have the neck in their right hand and the body on their left. The problem with this is everything on the guitar is upside down.

The strings will be in the wrong order, the knobs to made adjustments to the sounds will be in the way of your strumming hand and any cutaways in the body will be on the wrong side. Previously, this meant lefties had two options: learn to play right-handed, fret the guitar upside down, or string the guitar in reverse. One of the most famous examples of this is Jimi Hendrix, who famously plays a right-handed guitar, but left-handed.

Jimi used to string his guitars upside down to be the correct way round for him to play the guitar as a lefty. The issue with this is that the pickups in right-handed guitars are designed for the strings to be in the correct order, so the guitar doesn’t sound quite right. Plus, as mentioned above, all the controls, the tuners and control knobs are all on the wrong side.

Jimi Hendrix obviously made this work for him, as when he was performing, left-handed guitars were extremely rare to come by and had to be custom made. In fact, Eric Clapton passed a guitar store and saw a left-handed guitar in the window. He purchased it intending to gift it to Jimi, but sadly Hendrix died that very night. This would have been the first time Jimi Hendrix would have played a left-handed guitar!

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