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Digital Pianos

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Digital pianos are an amazing tool in any pianist’s arsenal; able to both closely replicate the acoustic piano sound and feel while providing a wealth of electronic features not available on a traditional grand or upright piano. They offer the best of both worlds and don’t weigh as much as their acoustic counterparts.

More than just portable pianos, digital keyboards are brilliant for all kinds of musicians. Their price means they are a great entry-level option for those interested in the piano. Some affordable digital pianos feature a graded hammer action for an authentic acoustic piano feel - perfect if you want to learn Classical or Jazz. Because digital pianos are headphone compatible, you can practice late into the night without disturbing the neighbours. Many also feature built-in speakers, making your playing sessions immediate and hassle-free.

Whether you’re looking for digital grand pianos or electronic keyboards with a range of great digital features, we can help. We are dedicated to only stocking high-quality products and offering competitive prices on both starter models and professional equipment. Our extensive range includes electric pianos perfect for home use, studio use and even portable stage pianos suited for live performances.

We keep huge stocks of the leading brands on the market, including Alesis, Casio, Nord, Roland, Yamaha and more. Whatever your playing experience, you’ll be able to find a model at the price point you’re looking for from a brand you trust.

As well as digital pianos and keyboards, we can help with any accessories you may need. Whether it’s a pair of headphones so you practice quietly, a sturdy keyboard stand or a comfortable piano bench, we can help. We also offer a wide range of MIDI keyboards and controllers if you want to control software instruments.

Are you looking to get an electronic piano delivered? Due to the product size, we understand that you might have special delivery requirements. Please let us know about any requirements when ordering, and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

If you want to try before you buy, feel free to visit our iconic Brighton music store, where you can talk to our experts and browse our dedicated piano showroom. We know that buying a new instrument is a big decision and are here to help at every stage.

Whether you need help determining which of our electric keyboards is right for you or have specific product questions, feel free to contact us today to talk to our specialists.

Which digital piano is most like a real piano?

High-end digital pianos boast the most advanced, authentic-feeling hammer action keybeds and highly detailed samples, bringing you closer to the experience of playing an acoustic piano in terms of playability and sound.

Nord stage pianos and the Roland FP series are known for delivering realistic touch, sound and overall feel within a portable footprint, making them popular choices among discerning pianists and professional players.

Are digital pianos worth it?

Digital pianos can be worth the investment, especially for beginners or those with limited space or budgets. They offer various features like volume control, a headphone output and diverse sound options, making them versatile and practical for different environments and needs.

What is a good price for a digital piano?

The price of a digital piano can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, depending on factors like brand, features and the quality of the keybed. A good quality beginner digital piano typically starts around £300-£500, while professional-quality models with advanced features can go up to £2,000 or more.

What is the difference between a music keyboard and a digital piano?

A music keyboard is usually lighter, more portable and offers a broader range of sounds and features, while a digital piano focuses on replicating the feel and sound of an acoustic piano. Digital pianos generally have weighted keys, providing a more authentic playing experience compared to most keyboards.

How do I choose a good digital piano?

When choosing a digital piano, consider factors such as key action, sound quality, polyphony, connectivity options and form factor. Your skill level, budget and intended use should also play a role in your decision.

For example, if you’re looking to learn jazz or classical piano, it’s recommended that you learn on an 88-key model with a weighted key action. If you’re planning on playing regular gigs, you may want a digital piano that’s easier to transport.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team at our Brighton store is ready to help you find the perfect digital piano for you. Alternatively, you can contact us online, over the phone or via email for remote advice on buying a digital piano.

Do digital pianos need tuning?

No, digital pianos do not require tuning, as they use digital samples or synthesis to generate sound. This makes them a low-maintenance and convenient alternative to acoustic pianos, which need regular tuning.

Can a digital piano sound like a grand piano?

High-quality digital pianos can closely replicate the sound of a grand piano using advanced sound sampling technology. While the experience may not be identical to playing a real grand piano, many digital pianos offer a convincing and enjoyable approximation, suitable for practice and performance.