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Yamaha Music is one of the most respected musical instrument manufacturers in the world, creating everything from drums, guitars, keyboards and digital pianos to studio equipment and PA systems. Yamaha Music goes as far back as 1887, when a young entrepreneur named Torakusu Yamaha began crafting pianos and reed organs, making a name for himself through his quality of work and expertise. Today, Yamaha are an industry-leading giant of the musical instrument world, producing some of the most popular items in the world. GAK hold large stocks online and out on display to demo in our world-famous shop in Brighton.

What makes Yamaha so recognisable is how they have manufactured a wide variety of instruments and accessories. Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan are just some of the well-known players of Yamaha instruments, notably Yamaha’s synthesizers, acoustic guitars and pianos.

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Yamaha Categories:

Acoustic Guitars | Electric Guitars | Bass Guitars | Keyboards, Synths, and Digital Pianos | Mixers | Drum Kits | Electronic Drums | Computer Recording | PA Equipment | Amps | Studio Monitoring | Samples & Sequencers

Yamaha Brand Series:

YC Series | DXR MKII Series | HS Series | MODX Series | P Series | PSR Series | THR II Series

Acoustic Guitars

The Yamaha acoustic guitars are some of the most popular and reliable acoustics available. With its well-known rounded features and colours, the Yamaha acoustics is a common pick for beginners players, although they have a wide professional following for their incredible tones and sound potential for live performances. A prime example would be Bob Dylan’s L-6 and L-52 acoustics he performed live with.

Electric Guitars

The Yamaha electric guitars take on comfortable “Strat” inspired and rounded bodies with versatile tones and reasonable prices. Like the acoustics, the Yamaha electric guitar range is a popular choice for those picking up their first guitar or professionals looking for a great looking and sounding guitar at a cost-efficient price. Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder is notably a long-time player and fan of the Yamaha electric guitars.

Keyboards, Synths & Digital Pianos

Yamaha is arguably one of the most respected brands for pianos, keyboards and synths. Their digital pianos are a popular substitute for their acoustic piano range due to their matched sounds of the acoustics plus extra options, and their affordable prices.

Yamaha’s collection of synths and pianos have been a long-standing favourite of many artists and collectors. Their vintage and rare products such as the GX-1 have been used by widely acclaimed artists such as Rick Wright of Pink Floyd, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, ABBA and Richard James of Apex Twin. The CS-80 was also a game-changer when it came to synths, being used for soundtracks such as Blade Runner and Doctor Who.


The Yamaha drum range offers the choice of electric and acoustic, whether you want to learn while keeping the volume down with an electric, or making some noise with an acoustic for a studio space or stage environment. Or even the option to have drum pads for computer recording, practice without the commitment of buying a whole kit and simple beats.

The Yamaha range includes drum hardware such as stands, pedals and clamps. Different types of kits from starter to professional are also available so you can find the right one for you.

Live Sound

Yamaha offers a range of monitors, PA Systems and amplifiers for all your playing needs. Whether it is on the road, in the studio or at home, many of these products offer the advantage of being portable and great sounding additions to your chosen instrument, such as the Stagepas Portable PA Systems.

The Yamaha studio monitors produce a precise sound for your music, ensuring excellent signal reproduction, high definition sound and performance. The PA speakers and monitors offer the same powerful high-quality sound, with the advantage of portable accessibility and easy setups for live performances. The PA system bundles also include Bluetooth audio streaming.

The guitar amplifiers come in convenient desktop sizes and various built-in presets to choose from, ideal for practising or warm-up sessions. Wireless charging and Bluetooth options are also available with this range of guitar amps.

The Yamaha mixers are available as both analogue or digital mixers and are ideal for those wanting pro audio equipment for live performances and recording. Artists like Foo Fighters have performed with these reliable and versatile mixers, offering quality EQ and a wide range of mixing environments. 

In 1887 Japan, founder Torakusu Yamaha had repaired a Reed Organ for an Elementary School in Hamamatsu. Shortly after he went on to create his own reed organ while studying music theory and mastering tuning and sound. By 1889, the company had grown to produce 250 Organs a year.

In 1900, Yamaha introduced their first upright piano after being sent to the United States to learn piano making. They went on to release a grand piano only 2 years after. By the 1950s, they had manufactured their first electric organs, and a “Hi-Fi” Player. In the 60s they introduced their guitar, bass and amp range, and even a brass collection. Yamaha kept expanding until as we know them today, introducing portable options of keyboards, synths and PA Equipment. Their fast-paced evolution is probably what made their choice of instruments so versatile and reliable in the present day.

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