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Yamaha HS Series Studio Monitors

Level up your mixing, recording and producing experience with these widely renowned and stunningly accurate active studio monitors.

The Yamaha HS Series is one of our most popular and best-selling studio monitor ranges. These premium, professional-quality monitors are seriously hard to beat in their price range. Because the Yamaha HS Series is available in a range of sizes and price points, there’ll be a pair that’s perfect for your budget and studio space. Each HS studio monitor is the identical in terms of features and materials. The major difference between them is their proportions, which means there’s a set of Yamaha HS monitors that’ll be ideal fit for your studio space!

No matter which version you go for, you’re guaranteed detailed, high-resolution sound with a flat response and fantastic stereo imaging. If you’re serious about crafting top-notch mixes and want a true representation of your music, the Yamaha HS Series is highly recommended.

The Range

HS5 | HS7 | HS8 | HS8S


This is the most compact and affordable option in the Yamaha HS Series range. The HS5 is ideal if you’re working in a smaller space where you can’t drive the speakers as hard or want the crystal-clear HS sound on a budget. Also available in White and as a Matched Pair.


The HS7 is the mid-point in the series and strikes a balance between the deeper lows of the HS8 and the compact form factor of the HS5. If you require more volume and low-end than the HS5 but can’t to accomdate the HS8, we recommend going for the HS7. Also available in White and as a Matched Pair.


Out of all the Yamaha HS Series studio monitors, the HS8 boasts the most widest frequency response, headroom and low-end performance. We highly recommend going for the HS8 if you’ve got the space in your studio for it. Also available in White and as a Matched Pair.


The HS8S is a powered subwoofer that can be combined with the HS5, HS7 or HS8 to provide an extended and defined bass response. If you’re creating or mixing bass-heavy music, the HS8S can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to the lows.

The series is an update of the iconic NS-10, a staple nearfield monitor that became indispensible for legendary engineers the likes of Bob Clearmountain, Chris Lord-Alge and Rhett Davies. David Bowe’s Let’s Dance, Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The U.S.A. and Roxy Music’s Avalon are a few examples of classic albums that the NS-10 was used on. It’s this incredible legacy and decades of technological expertise that the Yamaha HS Series is built on.

High Resolution, Flat Response

As well as sporting the NS-10’s trademark white cone, the Yamaha HS Series studio monitors are also acclaimed for the astonishing accuracy of their sound sound. In addition to the robust build-quality, sonic flexibility and affordable price, what makes the Yamaha HS Series so beloved is how each model honestly and precisely conveys your music with minimal colouration. If your mix sounds good on a pair of Yamaha HS Series studio monitors, you can rest assured that it’ll translate well to other systems.

Innovative Design

Low and midrange frequencies are tight and defined thanks to an ultra-responsive woofer design, whilst the dome tweeter caters for a crisp, distortion-free top-end up to 30kHz. The HS range’s innovative bi-amped design features an individual amp for the woofer and the tweeter, ensuring high-definition sound and super smooth response across a wide frequency range.

Pristine Audio

The Yamaha HS series’ state-of-the-art design eliminates undesirable resonant frequencies and reduces vibration, resulting in a pristine sound that is perfect for detailed mixing of complex arrangements. The sturdy, super-dense MDF construction guarantees durability and boasts a damped acoustic response. The design of the rear speaker port has also been optimised, boasting a 6dB noise reduction compared to previous generations.

Tailor To Your Room

The Yamaha HS series can adapt to any room environment thanks to a Level control located on the back as well as handy switches that let you adjust the high frequencies (High Trim) and reduce unnatural low frequencies if you place your monitors close to walls (Room Control).

All In One

Unlike the NS-10, the Yamaha HS Series features an active, bi-amped design. Simply plug your Yamaha HS monitor in and you’re ready to go - no external amp or fiddly impedance matching required!

Complete Connectivity

The versatility of the HS Series is topped off by Yamaha’s inclusion of XLR and TRS jacks, which enable them to be used with a wide variety of sound sources including interfaces, mixers and keys.

Perfect Pair

The Matched Pair or MP versions of the Yamaha HS Series come as a set of two monitors which have been built using specially selected components. The result are a pair of monitors which match each other’s performance as closely as possible for optimal performance and sonic accuracy.

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