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Yamaha P Series Digital Pianos

Feature-packed, portable and affordable digital pianos that punch well above their weight.

Yamaha’s P Series digital pianos are amongst our best sellers. They continue to be immensely popular amongst beginner, intermediate and advanced pianists that want a solid, stylish and simple-to-use digital piano. The “P” in P Series stands for portable, with each model in the range packing traditional piano feel and sound into a compact, lightweight instrument. Because the Yamaha P Series digital pianos are offered at a range of price points, from the accessible P45 to the professional P515, you’re sure to find a model that’s perfect for you.

The Range

P45 | P125 | P121 | P515


The P45 is the most affordable entry point into the Yamaha P Series and remains one of our best-selling digital pianos. With its acoustic-style 88-key Graded Hammer Standard keyboard, dual 6W amplifiers and 10 inspiring instruments, the Yamaha P45 is a top-notch digital piano for budding pianists.


The P125 is the mid-tier digital piano in the Yamaha P Series. It’s is highly recommended for intermediate players and performers. This digital piano features upgrades across the board, including greater polyphony, additional instrument sounds, more powerful amplifiers, onboard 2-track recording and the ability to connect a complete piano pedalboard. Also available in White.


The P121 is a more compact and affordable alternative to the P125, featuring the same Pure CF sound engine and 24 realistic voices. It’s an ideal solution if you’re frequently travelling for gigs/lessons or if you need to conserve space in your home. Also available in White.


The P515 is the flagship digital piano in the Yamaha P Series and the choice for discerning pianists that are looking for a pro-level instrument. Boasting a premium Natural Wood X keyboard, Virtual Resonance Modelling and Stereophonic Optimised piano voices, the P515 delivers the most authentic acoustic piano experience in the range.

In the seriously competitive world of digital pianos, the Yamaha P Series continues to be a best-seller. Each model delivers astoundingly accuarate acoustic piano feel and sound in a keenly priced instrument that’s effortless to use, making the P Series a frequent recommendation to our customers who are after a quality digital piano.

Worldwide Prestige

There’s no doubt that Yamaha are true experts when it comes to pianos and keyboards. Their grand pianos are widely regarded as amongst the finest in the world. In fact, the Yamaha C7 is the most widely recorded piano in the entire music industry. The Yamaha P Series is built upon this incredible expertise and undeniable prestige. With the P Series, Yamaha have condensed their deep knowledge of crafting world-class pianos into a range of compact, reliable and affordable instruments.

Realistic Playing Feel

Whether you opt for the entry-level P45, the mid-range P121/P125 or the top-tier P515, you’re guaranteed a selection of expressive instrument sounds and a full-weighted, graded keyboard to play them with. The graded action is a key part of what every Yamaha P Series digital piano feel so realistic, as it gives you a lighter response in the higher register and a heavier one in the lows - just as you’d find on an acoustic piano! The GHS keyboard on the P45, P121 and P125 features a matte texture on the black keys to prevent slippage whilst the P515’s stunning NWX keyboard combines high-quality wood with synthetic ebony and ivory.

Authentic Acoustic Sound

As well as nailing the feel of an acoustic piano, the Yamaha P Series captures the sound of one too. Thanks to Yamaha sophisticated sampling technology, you can count on your Yamaha P Series digital piano to deliver a rich, detailed and expressive sound. The P121, P125 and P515 boast samples of Yamaha’s highly acclaimed grand pianos, including the CFIIIS 9’ and CFX. In addition to the top-notch grand pianos, you can also enjoy a variety of other instruments such as electric pianos, harpsichord, strings and organs. These are seriously versatile keyboards that can cover a wide range of styles with ease!

Every Yamaha P Series digital piano features a selection of onboard Reverbs, which are an excellent way to add space and depth to your sound whilst you’re performing, practising or teaching (especially with headphones on).

All In One

If you’re making the transition from acoustic to digital or are looking for a simple solution for your first instrument, the Yamaha P Series all-in-one nature makes it a top choice. Yamaha have equipped all the models in their P Series with built-in speakers and amplifiers, which convey the detail and nuance of your performance. No extra cables or gear is required to get going, simply turn it on and start playing!

Simple To Use

You don’t need to be a technical genius or a gear nerd to achieve fantastic results with a Yamaha P Series digital piano. Thanks to their sleek, streamlined and simple interface, getting a great sound out of your Yamaha P Series digital piano of choice couldn’t be easier.

Traditional Style

Pianists that like want to play in a traditional way can pair their Yamaha P Series digital piano with the matching stand for an upright piano-style playing experience.

Easy To Transport

An advantage of the Yamaha P Series is the way it packs an exceptional piano playing experience into a portable and lightweight instrument. This makes the Yamaha P Series ideal for teachers and performers that are regularly on the move.

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